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Alberto: Plan for a wet Memorial Day weekend and beyond

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLE –With subtropical storm Alberto taking aim at Alabama’s Gulf Coast, the Memorial Day weekend appears to be a wet mess in the making. The good news is that high winds don’t appear to be a concern, but there will be lots of rain if the projected path holds true.

The system could produce 2 to 4 inches of rain locally and as much as 10 inches along the Gulf Coast.

The current path shows Alberto entering into the eastern portion of the Gulf of Mexico and taking a slight westerly curve toward Alabama’s gulf coast. Heavy rain will come ashore well ahead of the Tuesday landfall, making for very wet beach conditions Saturday through Tuesday.

In the Trussville area, rain chances will be above 60 percent Saturday through Tuesday when the chance rises to 80 percent.

Gulf Shores is already under a tropical storm watch, storm surge watch, and flash flood watch from Saturday until at least Tuesday.

Here’s the key to watch. If landfall is the Mobile/Gulf Shores area, everything north and eastward gets wet. If landfall shifts more toward the Florida panhandle, rain chances in Alabama could be a little lower. Alberto would have to go pretty far to the east, however, to keep rain out of Alabama. Keep an umbrella close to your grill this weekend.

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