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Shopping center on Camp Coleman Road offers something for everyone

By Tommi O. Peters

TRUSSVILLE — Most in the area are familiar with The Shoppes at Deerfoot, which is home to Trussville’s Publix location. But fewer may be aware that additional businesses are located just across the street, easily accessible away from the more congested areas of town. Deerfoot Parkway experiences a name change to Camp Coleman Road as it crosses over Highway 11.

Photo by Tommi Peters.

Claiming addresses 4623 – 4643 Camp Coleman Road, the strip mall offers nine separate businesses which include physicians, entertainment, academic support, a restaurant and more.

Outlets for medical care are available in the form of an orthodontist, chiropractor and an urgent care practice. Experienced stylists are available at Color Splash Salon while Subway restaurant offers a healthier and convenient alternative to fast food. Kids can burn off excess energy at Pump It Up or the neighboring gymnastics and cheer facility.

After serving as manager of ACE Cheer Company for multiple years, Tiffany Reed is now the owner. Ark WINGS is the company’s new name, with representation of Reed’s faith with the inclusion of the acronym WINGS, which stands for “Winners in God’s Sight”.

“All of the tenants really offer something for everyone,” assessed property Owner Chris Bell.

Bell purchased the property a little over a year ago, explaining that he was drawn to the opportunity due to the growth on and around the eastern side of Trussville in addition to the easy accessibility of the location from Hwy 11 and I-59.

“Our family has been in Trussville since 1957. We have seen it grow and knew that this was really the most logical direction it could go.” He continued, “This is the next area of Trussville that will boom, especially with all the new developments on Deerfoot Parkway.”

Jay Johnson is Proprietor of College Prep U, which opened its doors last fall. In addition to ACT exam preparation, College Prep U assists students in the process of applying for admission and scholarships to higher education. Given that he is introducing an unfamiliar service to the community, Johnson carefully selected a location that would offer high visibility to families.

Mentioning neighborhoods such as Carrington, Stockton, and Windsong, Johnson assessed, “There is no better location for my business than in this strip mall. There is a constant flow of families through here.”

Andrew Bass, a recent graduate of Miles College who is working with College Prep U seeking a graduate program, said he has seen the tangible results of partnering with Johnson.

“He helped my brother a ton. My brother was awarded one of the largest scholarship packages from Samford,” he explained.

Trussville native Laura King was a stylist at Color Splash for eight years before taking over as owner in August of 2017.

“We love being in this location,” she said. “We have a lot of customers that live on this side of town or in Springville. They can just come straight off the interstate and use the Deerfoot exit to zip right over.”

Ragland resident, Crystal Drake, works in Trussville and prefers spending her lunch hour on the eastern side of town. Though other lunch options are closer to her place of employment, she explained, “I always come to this Subway. It’s just easy to get in and out of with less traffic than other parts of town.”

While all available space within the shopping center is currently filled, the property also includes 6.5 acres of undeveloped land. Bell currently has plans for future expansion, but would consider selling or developing. Interested parties can Chris Bell at 205-702-6460.

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