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North Jefferson County man donates kidney to his 11-year-old daughter

From the Trussville Tribune staff reports

JEFFERSON COUNTY – On Thursday 11-year-old Chloe Davis was given a new kidney by her father, according to WIAT 42.

The daughter is suffering from a rare kidney disease and, as it happened, her father is a match and was able to donate one of his kidneys to her.

Chloe Davis said, “After a transplant, you’re so excited to have all kind of stuff so I’ve just been eating chocolate and fries,”

Diagnosed with the kidney disease Davis’ parents have known that she would need a replacement for some time.

“I was kind of shocked on how fast it went. We kept hearing she would do dialysis but I didn’t think it would really happen and it was like a bad dream when we were in the dialysis unit for her first treatment,” said Chloe’s mom, Ginger Davis.

Chloe Davis has been receiving dialysis treatment every other day since April.

“Sometimes, I do wish I could be at school every day because I miss most of the work and no one really understands,” said Chloe Davis.

As of now, Clayton’s kidney is functioning at 100-percent.

“I never thought about organ donation like I do now, and it hurts because we made some really good friends in dialysis and as much as I was happy for Chloe, we hated leaving our friends behind because we don’t know when that call will come for them,” said Ginger.



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