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Zac Brown Band‘s Chris Fryar

By Christopher Joyner, fourth grade

Special to The Tribune by students of FCCS

Chris Fryar was born on Nov. 22, 1970. Fryar is the drummer for the Zac Brown Band. Fryar joined the band in 2008. “Sweets” is one of his nicknames.

Fryar was given a guitar when he was six and drumsticks at age eleven. Fryar learned to play by listening to records and going to Gruny’s. Fryar also plays clarinet.

Fryar graduated from Gardendale High School in 1989 and went to North Texas State University and Mississippi University for Women.
 Fryar had won three Grammy Awards and has been nominated for eight.

Fryar married Holly Travis in 2010 and has two daughters. He likes the quote, “I hit things!!” talking about the drums.

Fryar thinks he is a normal guy and drives a minivan and a pick-up truck. Fryar has worked with about nine bands and has played at weddings.

Fryar displays the traits that he is always learning, he can keep a beat, and his love for his family. He loves playing drums and has been said to raise a group’s musical sophistication!


In honor of the state of Alabama’s 200th anniversary approaching in 2019, Governor Kay Ivey launched the Alabama Bicentennial Schools Initiative in December 2017 to give 200 Alabama schools the opportunity to participate in a year-long project representing their state’s history and achievements.
Nearly 400 K-12 schools statewide submitted proposals for the program, and each of the 200 chosen schools received a $2,000 grant to complete their project.
Among the schools chosen for this honor were five home-school groups, one of which was Trussville’s own Faith Community Christian School (FCCS).
For their project, the students of FCCS are collectively writing a book called Everyone Has A Story, which will profile noteworthy Alabamians, selected by the children.
The middle and high school students took a six-week Journalism class in the fall where they learned to write profile news stories about everyday heroes, while the elementary students are writing biographies of famous Alabamians.

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