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Center Point City Council proclaims January to be Anti-Human Trafficking Month

By Shaun Szkolnik

For The Tribune

CENTER POINT — The Center Point City Council unanimously passed a motion Thursday that declared January 2019 to be Human Trafficking Awareness Month after the council heard from Jessie Hardy of the Junior League of Birmingham. Hardy spoke to the council on behalf of the Anti-Human Trafficking Committee.

“January is National Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Month, so the Junior League of Birmingham is asking the city council as well as the mayor to sign a proclamation declaring that the city of Center Point is also against human trafficking and that you agree that January is Anti-Human Trafficking Month,” Hardy said.

The council also unanimously approved an ordinance that will require owners of private residences in the city to purchase garbage/trash service.  The ordinance will go into effect on April 1.

Additionally, the council approved a time extension for three properties in the city that had been slated for demolition.  The three properties that received the extension were 2245 First Street NW, 2325 Third Place NW and 1933 Second Place NW.

The council considered a motion to accept a quote for removal of trees from Civitan Park by Eastern Tree Service.  The quote was for $2,800 and the trees to be removed are dead and rotted.  The council unanimously approved the motion.

Council President Barlow informed the council that at some point in the future, the council might consider recommended membership rates, code of conduct and dress code for the community center.  That is an issue that the council will attend to at a later date.

In other news, Mayor Tom Henderson informed the council that the Taco Bell should open in April.  He also told the council that the Center Point Basketball teams for the boys and girls were doing exceptionally well this season and that both would be in upcoming area tournaments.

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