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Trussville Hardees scores a 75 on county health inspection

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLE — Hardees of Trussville at 111 South Chalkville scored a 75 on its Jan. 4 inspection by the Jefferson County Department of Health, according to county documents.

Remarks in the county inspection report showed a number of areas in which the Trussville Hardees was cited.

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According to remarks, the Trussville Hardees was instructed to “Provide an employee health policy that states what actions are necessary when an employee has a specific symptom or diagnosis related to diseases that are transmissible through food. Communication of the policy to employees must be verifiable.”

Records also showed that when requested, procedures for clean-up of vomit and diarrhea could not be provided.

Remarks indicated that the Trussville Hardees was instructed to “Provide an adequate number of handwashing sinks conveniently located for use in food preparation, food dispensing and warewashing areas.”  Records also stated that “The handwashing sink on the cook line is closed down due to broken faucet valves and drain line.” The restaurant was instructed to “make repairs to the hand sink to restore the fixture to proper function and convenient use by employees working with food in this area.”

Records showed that the restaurant was instructed to “Provide a temperature measuring device with a suitable small-diameter probe that is designed to measure the temperature of thin foods such as meat patties and chicken tenders and filets.” Records also showed that “The only food thermometer that could be located during the inspection was a bimetallic stem: provide a food thermometer with a small-diameter probe (such as a digital style food thermometer) for measuring thin foods.”

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