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Watch history be remade this Saturday at the Old South Firearms and Trading Post

By Shaun Szkolnik

For The Tribune

ARGO — It has been said that those that don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.  While this is undoubtably true, it might be just as true that those who do know history are bound to reenact it.  Such a reenactment will be taking place at the Old South Firearms and Trading Post in Argo on Saturday.  The event is scheduled to begin and 9 a.m. and will run into the afternoon.

A child visiting the camp sees what uniforms and weapons looked like during the Civil War.

“We are holding our annual Civil War living history event,” said Lee Weyrich of Old South Firearms. “This educational event features reenactors representing both sides of the conflict. There will be rifle and drill demonstrations, demonstrations of camp life and maybe even some skirmishing. There will also be historical exhibits, experts on the period and live music provided by the Southern Appalachian Dulcimer Association. This year we also have three cannon crews who will demonstrate and fire multiple period artillery pieces.”

The reenactment was designed to be family friendly.  The focus is geared to learning, education, fun and an accurate representation of both sides of the Civil War, and will be of special interest to churches and school groups.  Those not adept at foraging nor particularly fond of hardtack need not worry; a food truck will be on hand should anyone get hungry.

“This will be the fourth year we have done one of these, and it is looking to be the largest ever,” Weyrich said. “We have multiple reenacting groups this year, representatives from both the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, and we will have things to do and see inside and outside.”

For the Old South Firearms and Trading Post, this type of event is a natural fit.

“Our store specializes in historical and reproduction firearms, clothing and collectibles from most of American history,” Weyrich said. “We carry a lot of Old West and Civil War items, as well as items from pretty much every time period from the Cold War back.”

The Old South Firearms and Trading Post is located at 425 Argo Margaret Road, Argo, AL 35173 – just a couple of blocks off Exit 148 on I-59.

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