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Home & Garden Show in Trussville enters final day

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLE — As The Jefferson-St. Clair County Home and Garden Show 2019 enters the final day on Sunday, the event is already being called a success by vendors and attendees alike. The show began on Friday and will be open from 12 noon until 4 p.m. on Sunday at the Trussville Civic Center. Tickets are $3 and children 12 and under are permitted free.

“We already knew that we serve six great cities in Trussville, Clay, Pinson, Springville, Argo and Center Point, but it’s gratifying to see so many vendors from outside of our area recognize the importance of our people and this market,” Trussville Tribune Publisher and show promoter Scott Buttram said. “This show is also a fantastic way to showcase our great local businesses. Based on the response of vendors and attendees, this event is here to stay.”

Over 45 vendors consisting of local businesses blended with companies from across the metro area, the state and beyond are on display in the show.

The services and products range from indoor lighting, bedding, roofs, windows, doors and gutters to landscaping, outdoor buildings and decks to skincare products and cookbooks. Almost every vendor is offering special show pricing on their goods and services. The expert advice, however, is free.

“There’s really something for everyone,” Buttram said. “They are happy to do business with you, but they’re just as happy to answer your questions and offer expert advice.”

Trinity Contractors, a Trussville-based business that operates throughout the southeast, is the show sponsor. But Buttram said Trinity has been much more than just a sponsor.

“Trinity takes a lot of pride in Trussville,” Buttram said. “We knew they would be a great sponsor, but they’ve been an even greater ambassador for the show. Not only did they construct a beautifully elaborate display, but Trinity employees were all over this exhibition hall helping other vendors move in and set up their booths.

“Friday morning before the show opened, I found Aimee Jones and Trinity VP David Mickle on their hands and knees repairing and rehanging the sign of another vendor that had fallen overnight. They’re invaluable to this show.”

Buttram said that the out of area vendors have been impressed by the hospitality and the quality of the attendees. Almost all have said they plan to return for the next show and want to expand their presence next year.

“We’re learning a lot from these vendors that do multiple shows,” Buttram said. “We’ll adjust the hours next year to better fit the crowd flow. While the number of attendees has been excellent, it’s the quality of the attendees that the vendors are most impressed with.”

The hospitality from local elected officials surprised many of the out of area vendors who said it’s uncommon to meet so many elected leaders at a home and garden show.

“Almost all of our six cities were represented by mayors and city councilors at the ribbon cutting and several more who couldn’t make the ribbon cutting have since come to the show,” Buttram said. “As a first time show, some of the vendors weren’t sure what to expect. They knew a little about Trussville, but meeting all these leaders from our neighboring cities is something that really knocked them off their feet. When you look at northeast Jefferson County and add in Springville and Argo from St. Clair, this is a pretty powerful market.”

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