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Calvary Chapel Trussville to host Rest for Your Soul on Saturday

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLE — Calvary Chapel Trussville, a new church plant established in September of last year, is holding a public event called “Rest for Your Soul” at the Trussville Public Library on March 16. There will be two different sessions, one at 11 a.m. and one at 1:30 p.m. Each session will have a different topic, so come for both if you are able.

“Since coming to Alabama,” said Pastor Tyler Warner, “I have had countless mothers, fathers and grandparents tell me how they would love for their child or grandchild to meet me, because ‘They’re just drifting right now.’ That’s an insightful description of this generation. And I’m not just talking about young people, either.”

Warner said that this condition is not unique to young people.

“Kids try to figure out why they ought to live the way they’ve been raised,” Warner said. “Adults are settling down and deciding that they don’t want to raise their families the way they’ve been living. Older folks realize that they’ve put off the big questions for a long time, and begin to look back on their lives with fresh eyes. As a culture, we are adrift. But there are answers to all these questions – you may even know them already. This event will not be a show or a performance, just two honest talks about life and truth. You might have everything else together, but in your lonely moments, your heart is afraid. Jesus offers us rest for our souls. Don’t you want that? Come and see what that could mean for you.”

For that reason, Calvary Chapel plans to spread the message that, at a time when anxiety, restlessness and disillusionment seem to be everywhere, Scripture provides the answers to life’s burning questions. What is the purpose and meaning of our lives, and who has the authority to tell us how to live them or what to live for? Calvary Chapel hopes Trussville will come out to be reminded of the high calling of Jesus and the hope found in his Gospel.


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