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Faith: Thriving in His plan

By Mike Ennis, Faith Community Fellowship Springville Campus Pastor

Life sometimes takes twists and turns that are well….not what we had planned. Truth is, everyone has challenges. Every family, every marriage, every parent encounters “stuff” in life that is different than how we planned it.

Today, I want to share the story of someone who experienced some “twists” in life and yet found confidence and faith to move forward.

Here is Dedra’s story…

As do most women out there, I wear many hats; I am a wife, a mother to three boys, and work full time as an administrator.  And because my 3-year-old son has special needs, I also take on the role of child advocate, cheerleader, therapist and medical caregiver, just to name a few.  Levi is not able to walk yet, so for the majority of his day, I am also his legs.

While I would not change any of this, in all honesty, it is not always easy.  Being pulled in so many directions can take a toll on me and I fully admit that I could not do any of this effectively without Christ at the center of my life. There are days when He is leading and guiding me, others when He is strengthening and comforting me and then days when He flat out has to carry me because I feel I have nothing left to give.  

One of my favorite scripture verses is Acts 17:28 which says, “For in Him we live and move and have our being…” This verse tells me that God is sovereign and He is in control through all the circumstances that life brings my way.  No matter how many hats I wear, He has a plan and a purpose for all of them. I am not alone in this journey and I don’t have to struggle through life trying to be strong in my own power.

This verse also means that I am not defined by any of the roles I play in life, whether it be a mentor to my teachers, helpmeet to my husband or nurturer to our boys, none of that defines who I am.

So while the biggest hat I wear is wife and momma, perhaps my most important hat is that of being a Christ-follower; for in it, I find my strength, purpose and identity.  Resting in this truth enables me to carry on, day in and day out, doing what God desires and not just living, but also thriving!

What an amazing story!  Just like Dedra, we all face challenges and feel the burden of being defined by our circumstances. You are NOT your circumstance, your last failure, your last job demotion or termination or your last failed relationship. In a relationship with God, you too will find strength, purpose and identity.  You are a uniquely gifted person that God created to thrive and experience amazing joy.


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