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Argo City Council hears proposals to fix city hall roof

By Shaun Szkolnik, for the Tribune

ARGO — A representative from Right Choice Roofing addressed the council about solutions to leaking issues with the roof to the municipal complex for Argo. The council was provided several options.  The first option would be a correction of the areas where the leaks have occurred.  The repair would consist of four hundred square feet of roofing metal being replaced, as well as insulation being replaced.  The cost of that option is $6,248.16.

Other options available to the city would be a complete replacement of the roof.  There are two options for complete roof replacement.

The first, and less expensive, is the PBR system.  The PBR system uses a corrugated panel with the screws exposed to the element.

The second method is known as Stand and Seam.  It is a more expensive option. Stand and Seam uses striated panels that can be layered over each other, creating a look of a flat surface as well as protecting the screws from the element through overlapping panels. Installing a Stand and Seam option would require approximately two and a half weeks for the arrival of the material and approximately another week and a half for installation.  The repair option would take approximately seven days to complete.

A third option available would be for Right Choice Roofing to use larger screws and washers on the existing roof as a measure to secure the leaks.

Right Choice Roofing did not have an estimate for all the options, including the option to use larger screws/washers or for installing an all-new Stand and Seam roof.  The company will work up an estimate for the other options and provide the council with the estimate by the end of the day Tuesday.

Argo Police Captain Glenn Wells provided the council with the monthly police report for March.

  • Total of 761 calls
  • 20 reports
  • Served four felony warrants
  • Made two felony arrests
  • Served five misdemeanor warrants
  • Made 14 misdemeanor arrests
  • Worked 15 motor vehicle accidents
  • Answered 14 false alarms at businesses and homes
  • Responded to 13 domestic calls
  • Assisted the fire department on 35 calls
  • 55 officer assists
  • Had 82 911 calls
  • 225 patrol requests from residents
  • 64 public assists
  • 2695 business checks
  • 42 calls on the Interstate

Argo interim Fire Chief Scott Payne provided the council with the monthly fire report for March

  • Total of 58 calls
  • 32 medicals
  • Eight motor vehicle accidents
  • Two woods fires
  • Six assistances
  • Eight automatic fire alarms
  • 17 burn permits issued

Also, the fire department went out into the community to advise citizens of the train condition, with Norfolk Southern performing maintenance at the crossing, and notifying individuals of the ways in and out during times on construction.  The fire department also helped to cool the tracks, which got the roads open two hours earlier than would have otherwise happened.

“We appreciate y’all’s help with that,” said Mayor Betty Bradley. “Y’all did a fantastic job, both the police and the fire, did a fantastic job during all that. Because we never were sure when exactly they were going to close that track.  We never were sure when they were going to get finished with it; so, they both did fantastic, police and fire.”

In other news, Bradley informed the council that the new credit card machine had arrived.

“I’d like…to tell the council that the credit card machine we’ve been waiting so long for is finally in service,” said Bradley. “Now the citizens can buy their business license, pay their room rental, anything else they need from the city, they can now pay with a credit card.”

The council will meet again April 22 at 6 p.m.

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