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Trussville City Council approves transfer of alcohol license to new Aldi

By Shaun Szkolnik, for the Tribune

TRUSSVILLE — The Trussville City Council opened a public hearing to field comments on a proposal to transfer an alcohol license to the new Aldi store at Patrick Way. Aldi District Manager Kimberly Glover was at the meeting and spoke to the council about moving the license from the old location to the new one.

Glover was asked several questions from the council. These questions revealed that Aldi employs a computer-based training to make certain that Aldi employees are aware of the laws, rules and regulations regarding the sale of alcohol, and to ensure that employees act in compliance with them. These rules include requiring ID under certain circumstances, not selling alcohol to intoxicated people and refusing alcohol sales at certain times.  Glover also indicated that Aldi stores maintain signs on their property educating customers that alcohol will not be sold to anyone under 21.

The council voted unanimously to transfer the alcohol license from the previous Aldi location to the new one at 5485 Patrick Way in Trussville.

The council was also addressed by Dr. Pattie Neill, the superintendent for Trussville City Schools.

“I will invite you to the middle school on April 17 for the State School Safety Award,” said Neill. “We have an attorney general who gives a State School Safety Award to those schools that are deemed worthy and Trussville Middle School is receiving that award April 17 from Steve Marshall.

“I’ll give you my constant saying: that if you don’t have a safe school, you don’t have anything,” said Neill. “You can’t learn if you don’t feel safe and we try very hard to have all our schools safe, and they are.”

The council considered a resolution to approve the purchase of two pickup trucks for the fire department. The two trucks are Chevy Silverado’s, and the aggregate purchase price of the vehicles is $74,102.20.  Resolution 2019-015 was passed unanimously by the council.

The council considered an ordinance to establish safety and construction standards for the annexation of properties.  The point of the ordinance is to make sure that certain properties annexed by the city comply with the safety and construction standards that existed in the city and the time of the property’s construction. The ordinance covers multifamily residential and does not impact single-family residences or two-family residences. Ordinance 2019-019PS was passed unanimously.

Councilman Brian Plant reported to the council some outstanding statistics for the Trussville Library. The library logged the following numbers for the month of March:

  • Total circulation activity of 27,244
  • Downloadable audio and eBooks, 2,509
  • Hoopla, 471
  • Computer use, 1,353
  • Library visits, 23,338
  • Reference transactions, 3,429
  • 33 programs were held at the library
  • 105 new members
  • 157 study room visits

In other news, Council President Jef Freeman recognized Kim DeShazo. DeShazo will be joining the TCS school board in June when Bill Roberts’ tenure, after a decade of service to the school board, comes to an end.

“We certainly appreciate all your service, Bill,” said Freeman. “(We appreciate) what you’ve done for our city and certainly what you’ve done for our school system.”

“Council President, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to Mr. Roberts for all he’s done,” said Councilman Zack Steele. “Just a fantastic job and here from really almost the beginnings of our school system.  You have done a tremendous job guiding us through this, and we appreciate your hard work.”

The next Trussville City Council meeting will be held Tuesday, April 23, 2019, at the Trussville City Hall starting at 6 p.m.


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