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Carter Antiques to participate in this year’s Highway 11 Antique Alley

By Shaun Szkolnik, for the Tribune

ARGO — Lovers of antiques and yard sales will be pleased that, this year, Argo/Trussville will be well represented at 2019’s Highway 11 Antique Alley, a roadside event which stretches from Meridian, Mississippi, to the Birmingham Metro area.

The event is billed by its sponsors as an opportunity for motorists to take a break from the Interstates and travel down the old highways and roads in search of a little adventure and a whole lot of good deals.

Representing our area will be Carter Antiques, which is one of this community’s most unique destinations for the thing you always wanted but didn’t know where to find.

Photo by Carter’s Antiques

“We are going to have lots of stuff,” said co-owner Wanda Carter. “Tools, things for the ladies, things for the guys, furniture, my grandchildren are cooking and they’re selling baked goods for their favorite charity.”

That charity, Brail Tales, specializes in transcribing Dolly Parton’s children’s books into Brail so that they may be enjoyed by a very special audience.

Carters Antiques is well prepared for the event, which will take place from Thursday through Saturday. They will have extended hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., plenty of water and restrooms and have even hired more staff so patrons can have the best experience imaginable.

“We have six or eight tents, some of it will be out in the open,” said Carter. “We’re trying to price it to be convenient. We have glassware, furniture, tools, games. When you’ve got two or three thousand items, there is going to be something for everyone. It is going to be fun.”

Also on hand will be Sidney’s Sweet Sprinkles, which is a business run by Carter’s thirteen-year-old granddaughter. The business is a vehicle for her granddaughter to scratch her entrepreneurial itch, all while giving something back to the community.

“She’s got two favorite charities: The Bell Center in Homewood for Handicapped Children…and Brail Tales,” said Carter.

Proceeds from all sales are split, with 80% going to The Bell Center and Brail Tales, and 10% from the remainder being tithed.

Carter has also made sure that there will be plenty of parking for the event, as well as easy access to Highway 11.


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