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Op-ed | “Politically correct” isn’t always God-approved

By Erica Thomas, managing editor

Here in the south, Christianity seems to be a way of life for many. Our faith in God is the driving force behind many decisions made within state and local government, schools and communities statewide. But more and more, Christians are being challenged by non-believers to put their religion aside in order to be “politically correct.”

Some decisions made in our state, that have taken a moral high ground, have been taken to the stake on a national level. Over time, it has become okay to forget that it is “in God we trust” and to live a life the world says is okay. Protecting the feelings of others is more important than protecting their eternal well-being. When we start to stand for sins of others, we are abandoning what our forefathers stood for and what our ancestors believed in.

I recently visited a church in Roanoke, Alabama, where the preacher had a lot to say about government. He said while we don’t always agree with each other in political situations, we need to stay connected to the Lord and lean on Him in difficult times. His exact words were, “HE (God) will govern my ‘ment.” This pastor, like many southern pastors, isn’t known for his eloquent speech, but more for his zest for God and his anointed spirit. While listening to him, you can’t help but become proud of the idea behind southern values.

Throughout my years as a journalist, I have been told to keep my opinions to myself. I was unable to go against the mainstream or even go with it sometimes. I was neutral. As a journalist, I have to be able to hear others and understand their point-of-view. While I am non-judgemental, I still feel a need to witness to those who are lost in sin.

Southern values are important. We must stick with them and remember our obligation to God. While we want to avoid hurting others, we have to remember that in the end, it will hurt our children more if we are not honest with them about the price Jesus paid for our sins and the price we will pay for not honoring that sacrifice. We can love sinners, but we can’t love the sin.

Thank the Lord my sins have been covered by the blood. I have too many to list, but I know my soul is saved because of that sacrifice.

Christianity isn’t fake. God isn’t fake. The resurrection is REAL and we need to get real and get serious about standing up for GOD.

Please get your head out of the sand and realize that the devaluation of our morals over the years by non-believers does not mean the devaluation of our faith.

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