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City of Argo to consider estimates to correct issues with city hall roof

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports


ARGO — The city of Argo will be holding a city council meeting on Monday, June 24. The meeting will start at 6 p.m.


Among the items that will be discussed at the meeting are updates on the status of the storm shelter, Fourth of July holiday, Christmas Parade dates and estimates for the city hall roof.


The roof to city hall is currently leaking and must be either repaired or replaced.


The council has previously discussed several options for dealing with the issue.


The first option would be a correction of the areas where the leaks have occurred. The repair would consist of 400 square feet of roofing metal being replaced, as well as insulation being replaced.

Other options available to the city would be a complete replacement of the roof.  There are two options for complete roof replacement.

The first, and less expensive, is the PBR system.  The PBR system uses a corrugated panel with the screws exposed to the element.

The second method is known as Stand and Seam.  It is a more expensive option. Stand and Seam uses striated panels that can be layered over each other, creating a look of a flat surface as well as protecting the screws from the element through overlapping panels. Installing a Stand and Seam option would require approximately two and a half weeks for the arrival of the material and approximately another week and a half for installation.  The repair option would take approximately seven days to complete.

A third option available would be to use larger screws and washers on the existing roof as a measure to secure the leaks.

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