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Letter from the pastor: Deerfoot Baptist Church

Howdy, from the great state of Texas.
This has been a great week for Marti and me spending some quality time with our daughter and son-in-law.  Being away does not keep me from thinking about our Deerfoot Family.  I hope each of you has been praying about calling Chris to be our new Minister of Music and Education.  I have not been surprised by the encouraging comments I have heard since our Saturday meet and greet.  With that said, we must seek God in this process and pray that we are seeking His will and not ours.  I have been specifically asking God to send Chris and his family here.  The statement Chris made, “the focus of music is more important than the style” really resonated with me.  I hope those who were there last Saturday for the meet and greet saw Chris’ humility and his heart for service.  Please be praying for this Sunday when Chris will be leading us in worship.

Another opportunity to be praying for is the 25 Year Anniversary, which is coming up the last Sunday in July.  I hope each of you is making plans to be in attendance on that day.  You can help us by inviting previous members of Deerfoot to come and be part of this celebration with us.  Our Historical Team has done a great job and put in a lot of time and energy to make this a great day for the Deerfoot family.  I would ask that you be in prayer for Dr. Scott and Mrs. Billie.  I have visited with them several times and have made a special plea for them to be with us that day.  Dr. Scott has been in the hospital again so pray that he is strengthened and able to be with us on July 28th.

I want to thank each of you for your continued prayers for the changes and growth of Deerfoot.  In the month of August, the  Adult and Youth Sunday school will be held in the sanctuary.  Discovering Deerfoot will be taught to the church. This outlines our history, our theology and beliefs, and the opportunities to serve in the ministries of Deerfoot Baptist Church.  Please make plans to be a part of this special time of learning together as a church family.  One of the terms that Chris used during the ‘meet and greet’ last Saturday was multi-generational.  That term was used during our church vision and leadership team meeting.  This term multi-generational means relating to or being involved as a family or society with people from three or four generations.  I think Deerfoot should be just that, a multigenerational church that thrives because there is no separation between the generations.  I am not sure of all the details about this, but we can work it out together.
The seven ways to be a unifying church member that we discussed are


Pray for the church
Encourage the pastor and staff
Encourage other church members
Give abundantly
Don’t gossip
Forgive others
Serve joyfully

a product of God’s grace,

Pastor Glenn

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