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New Serra Hyundai on Hwy 11, offering quality products and customer service

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TRUSSVILLE — There are big changes taking place along Highway 11 and one of those is the new Serra Hyundai dealership.

John McDonald, General Manager for the Steve Serra Group, said his team took over operations at Serra Hyundai on Center Point Parkway on Sept. 16. After weeks of putting work into the operations there, the group moved the cars to the Highway 11 location.

Although the Highway 11 location is no longer Serra Mazda, McDonald said all Mazda clients are still welcome at the dealership.

“Our customers are very important to us and I don’t want anybody to think if they bought a Mazda from us that we’re going to turn those folks away,” said McDonald. “We’re going to service that vehicle.”

McDonald said the Hyundai brand will benefit the people of Trussville and people across the state.

“We looked at it as a good opportunity to get in with another brand, like Hyundai. As people know, Hyundai’s roots are pretty deep here in Alabama,” said McDonald.

The Steve Serra Group believes in the product it is offering.

“Whenever we get ready to go out and buy a store and one of the huge deciding factors was the fact that Hyundai is a great automobile, very well put together and the quality is one of the best out there,” said McDonald.

According to McDonald, Hyundai makes up almost 7% of vehicles that are sold in the U.S. He believes that percentage will continue to grow.

“Hyundai’s new products have brand new technology,” said McDonald. “The new Palisade is competitive with the Highlander and the 4Runner, and it has that third-row seating.”

With new innovation and high-quality engineering, McDonald said he believes Hyundai’s are perfect for the market in Trussville and the surrounding communities.

“When you buy a Hyundai, you are basically keeping the tax dollars and money in Alabama,” said McDonald.

The ownership and management of the new Serra Hyundai will remain the same as the former Serra Mazda. Plans for the Center Point Parkway location are unknown at this time.

There will be a food truck event for Serra Hyundai on Friday, Nov. 8. The community is invited to come see what the all-new Serra Hyundai has to offer.


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