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Hewitt-Trussville High School ‘best of the day’ at Trumbauer Theatre Competition

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLE — Hewitt-Trussville High School students wowed at the District Trumbauer Theatre Competition.

Seventy-one students participated and all students left with a medal. A large group of students will advance to the State Competition at Troy State University in December.

The students performed a scene from “The Great Gatsby” and the performance was noted as “hands down, the best of the day.”

Receiving a score of EXCELLENT:

Cami Garrett – Solo Musical Comedic

Chloe Heinz – Solo Musical Comedic

Jacey Grace Clark – Solo Musical Dramatic

Bailey Dodson – Solo Musical Dramatic

Stephen Horsley – Solo Musical Dramatic

Markkus Griggs and Maddie Crumb – Duet Musical Dramatic

Lela Currie and Katelyn Curd – Duet Musical Dramatic

Reagan Bagwell and Anna Scott Bozeman – Duet Musical Comedic

Olivia Warren and Jessie Walters – Duet Musical Comedic

Reagan White and Will Stafford – Duet Musical Comedic

Hannah Dorr – Solo Acting Contemporary Comedic

Abigail Wilkinson – Solo Acting Contemporary Dramatic

Beth Shelton – Solo Acting Contemporary Dramatic

Hannah Dorr – Solo Acting Classical

Nathan Kay – Solo Acting Classical Dramatic

Justin West – Solo Acting Classical Dramatic

Jada Groom – Solo Acting Classical Comedic

Lily Sauger & Ethan Finnegan – Duet Acting – Classical Dramatic

Tyler Ervin and Jake Allen – Duet Acting Contemporary Comedic

Sutherlan Webb and Amy Shelton – Duet Acting Contemporary Comedic

Aubrey Fowler and Mary Virginia Mize – Duet Acting Contemporary Dramatic

Olivia Browning and Kennedy Washington – Duet Reader’s Theatre Comedic

Grace Ellis and Hannah Baker – Duet Reader’s Theatre Comedic

Mallory McDonald, Berkleigh Sisson, Sarah Hindman – Group Acting

Receiving a Score of SUPERIOR

Passed on to compete at the STATE Level

John Murray – Playwriting “Standout submission. Top 3 in District Competition”

Sawyer Caine – Solo Acting Contemporary Comedic

Erik Shelton – Solo Acting Contemporary Comedic

Trey Thompson – Solo Acting Contemporary Comedic

Leon Maezwa – Solo Acting Contemporary Comedic

Isabella Weyerman – Solo Musical Dramatic

Markkus Griggs – Solo Musical Dramatic

Maddie Crumb – Solo Musical Dramatic

Trinity Andrzejewski – Solo Acting Contemporary Comedic

Simone Funderburk – Solo Acting Contemporary Comedic

Maya Viikinsalo – Solo Musical Contemporary Comedic

Ryan Gudgen, Jack Ollis, John Murray, Asher Burnette, Aubrey Fowler, Stephen Horsley – Group Musical

Molly Bruno, Molly Horn, Jace Grace Clark, Sarah Senft – Group Musical “I have never seen a group or single person do tap at Trumbauer. Claps for you on doing something fresh.”

Ryan Gudgen, Nathan Kay, Anna Kate Hindman – Group Acting (A Scene from Gatsby) – “Hands down the best of the day!”

Molly Horn – Solo Acting Classical Comedic

Maya Viikinsalo – Solo Musical Comedic

Abigail Wilkinson and Savannah Hicks – Duet Musical Comedic

Maddie Sullivan and Lily Sauger – Duet Musical Dramatic

Thomas Gagliano – Solo Acting Contemporary Dramatic

Lela Currie – Solo Acting Contemporary Dramatic

Nicholas Wetzel – Solo Acting Contemporary Dramatic


Hewitt-Trussville High School Theatre Presents…The Great Gatsby! SAVE THE DATES…

Hope to see you at the show November 21st @ 7pm, November 22nd (understudy show) @ 7pm, November 23rd (understudy show) @ 2:30pm, November 23rd @ 7pm, November 24th @ 2:30pm.
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