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DeMarco: Will President Trump weigh in on Republican Primary Race for Alabama seat?

By Paul DeMarco

So the question folks have been asking is, “Will President Donald Trump get involved in the upcoming Alabama Republican Primary for the United States Senate?”

People have been wondering this since Jeff Sessions officially announced that he was throwing his hat in the ring to run for his old seat.

While Sessions surprised the other candidates with his last-minute announcement, early polls show him leading the pack of other potential GOP nominees.

Yet, his resignation from his stint as Attorney General for President Trump will be one of the main topics during the campaign moving forward towards the March 3, 2020, primary election.

Paul DeMarco

President Trump has laid lots of criticism at the feet of Sessions for his recusal from the Russia investigation pushed by Democrats that went nowhere after two years.

For his part, Sessions came right out the gate articulating the fact he was the first United States Senator to support President Trump on the campaign trail and is still loyal to his former boss.

Voters in Alabama strongly back President Trump, however, it remains to be seen what effect his intervention in the race would have on the election.

The President has never been shy to travel the nation to put his imprint on candidates he supports in the past.

President Trump had the opportunity to endorse his candidate of choice while in the state for the recent Alabama- LSU football game, but made no public announcements.

Yet, there is plenty of time to see if the president takes a position or literally sits this one out.

What we do know for certain is once Republican voters select their nominee, President Trump will be in the state to campaign to defeat the incumbent Democratic Senator Doug Jones.

Paul DeMarco is a former member of the Alabama House of Representatives

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