So now that qualifying for the 2022 elections in Alabama is over, we can now sort out who is running for what office.

Paul DeMarco

We will see candidates now criss-cross the state looking for votes. And raising money for their campaign coffers to get out their message on radio, television, and both print and social media.

So while the candidates get their campaigns ready for the final stretch, it is up to the voters to take the time to educate themselves on who will be the best public servants. 

Whether it is Washington DC or Montgomery, this Nation needs elected officials who really represent the public more than ever. 

We have too many who make campaign promises, only to get comfortable in their jobs and never keep them.

Democrats have qualified candidates for both Governor and the United States Senate races. However, only Republicans are set to be elected in statewide races for Lt. Governor, Treasurer, State Auditor, and the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. Democrats do have candidates in any other statewide races and for legislative seats and local offices.

However, Alabama has really been a red state since voters elected GOP supermajorities in the state House of Representatives and Senate in 2010.

And with the dismal approval rankings of President Joe Biden, Democrats cannot expect voters to show up with enthusiasm at the ballot box this year either.

Alabama voters as a whole are conservative, support law enforcement and religious liberty and are turned off by the cancel culture advocated by progressives.

While there are pockets of Democrats in the state, every statewide elected office in the state and the majority of lawmakers look to continue to stay in the GOP column.

So while we are almost ten months from the general elections, look for Alabama to stay strong for Republicans in the fall.

Thus, as we approach May 24th and the party primaries, Alabama citizens should take the time to educate themselves on the candidates and pick the right ones to serve the state and country.

Paul DeMarco is a former member of the Alabama House of Representatives