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Real estate a legal issue often encountered

Written by Chesley Payne Real estate seems to be the legal issue that people encounter most often. Either you or someone you know owns real estate in one form or another. Whether it is their personal residence, their business property, a rental property, or a second home, most people will deal with a real estate issue sometime in their life. Whenever you deal with a real estate issue, the most important tip ...

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Editorial: Girls need sports heroes, too

Come here, Baby Girl, and sit in my lap. The seat where you have watched college football games with Daddy since you were born. The same spot where I have watched you waffle back and forth between dreaming of being an Alabama cheerleader or a football player. You have plenty of time to figure that out, but today I want to tell you a story. When I was your age, my grandfather told me about Rose Bowls in blac ...

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Extremely difficult decisions this Legislative session

From the Statehouse by Sen. Slade Blackwell The 2012 Legislative session and the special session on redistricting are now complete. We had to make some extremely difficult decisions, but I am proud of what the legislature was able to accomplish this session. Some of the tough issues we had to tackle included: Budgets: Budget shortfalls are always a challenge, and this year was exceptionally worse than we ha ...

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Looking at positive real estate market indicators

By Dave Parrish I was attending a funeral last weekend and ran into a realtor friend from Lake Jackson, Texas. As you might expect, our conversation eventually ran into a discussion of market conditions. Like so much of our country, she too had that experience of a tough market with an abundance of foreclosures, short-sales and steeply declining market prices. However, things had recently changed. She was e ...

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Keep guidelines in mind when meeting with attorney

Written by Chesley Payne Wednesday, 09 May 2012 To most people an attorney is someone to contact when something bad happens in their lives. Whether it is a divorce, being sued for money, or a family dispute over an estate, an attorney is seen as someone whose purpose is to “fix” those things that go wrong. However, an attorney can also help individuals and businesses try to anticipate and avoid pitfalls in ...

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Senate working on Cooper Green Hospital solution

The 2012 legislative session is almost reached its end, however, we must tackle several pieces of legislation before the session is over. One of the most important local issues that must be addressed is Jefferson County's ongoing sewer crisis and its financial woes. It is imperative that we find a way to relieve the burden of bankruptcy and the general fund shortfalls that have plagued Jefferson County far ...

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