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Pinson annexes 97 acres near Clay-Palmerdale Road

By Lee Weyhrich

The Pinson City Council has annexed 97 acres of agricultural land near Clay-Palmerdale Road, which will allow access to Emerald Forest.

“People in that neighborhood have wanted to get into the city for some time,” Councilman John Churchwell said. “We have looked into several options for reaching them, and the man that owns that land was really cooperative.”

Churchwell is uncertain when Emerald Forest itself might be annexed into the city, but there are two options for how that might come about. 

“We’ll have to check and see how many homeowners signed the petition (to become part of the city),” Churchwell said. “We actually have two options — annexation or voter referendum.”

The council also discussed the repaving of the Pinson Valley High School track and some possible improvements to Willie Adams Stadium. Jefferson County has allocated $230,000 for resurfacing and some drainage issues. The council hopes there will be enough money left after those projects are completed to enlarge the visitors’ concession stand. If not, the city might volunteer funds to improve the stand.

Once completed, the track will be open to the public, Councilman Robbie Roberts said.

The city is also allocating $20,000 to continue Birmingham Southern College’s resident management agreement for Turkey Creek Nature Preserve. The college handles the daily on-site management, maintenance and security. The council hopes that additional funds for the preserve will be obtained from Freshwater Land Trust and Forever Wild grants.

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