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Clay Chevron business license renewed

By Lee Weyhrich

The Clay City Council voted Monday to renew the business license for the Chevron gas station that was the scene of a December drug raid.

The station’s owner, Hung Huynh, had to agree to certain conditions to have the license renewed.

Huynh was told earlier this monththat he might not be allowed to renew the business license because of a history of illegal drug activity at the gas station, which is located at the corner of Old Springville and Dug Hollow roads.

The Chevron station in Clay on Dec. 5, 2012
file photo by Scott Buttram

Huynh’s daughter, 33-year-old Hien Thi Huynh, was arrested Dec. 5, 2012, for selling prescription drugs when a certain combination of items were brought to the counter. She was charged with three counts of distribution of a controlled substance and one count of possession of a controlled substance in the incident. One of Huynh’s sons was also arrested on drug charges at the station in 2011.

Clay City Attorney Alan Summers worked out a deal with Huynh in which Huynh would be able to renew his license as long as he met three stipulations — that $7,500 be donated to local schools earmarked for drug prevention, that his daughter is not allowed to be employed and that the license will be automatically terminated should there be any more felony offenses on site.

Huynh signed a contract agreeing to all stipulations.

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