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Pinson residents want highway name to reflect city

By Lee Weyhrich

PINSON — Several Pinson residents have rejected the proposed Highway 75 name change, Pinson City Councilman John Churchwell said at last week’s meeting.

According to Churchwell, residents would rather have a name that reflects Pinson as a community than something generic.

At the Jan. 2 meeting it was proposed that all of that highway from Brumbeloe Drive to the Tapawingo Road intersection be changed in order to avoid confusion. That road currently has three different designations within the city limits: Highway 75, Center Point Road and Center Point Parkway. This inconsistency has caused confusion in the past, Mayor Hoyt Sanders said at a previous meeting.

The city of Pinson sign outside Pinson City Hall
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For simplicity, Sanders suggested the entire stretch simply be called Highway 75.

“I’ve heard several suggestions,” Churchwell said. “One was Pinson Parkway, one was Pinson Boulevard, something like that that has some character to it that people want to identify with the city.”

Sanders worried that Pinson Parkway might become confused with the already existing Pinson Valley Parkway, the designation for Highway 79 within Pinson city limits.

Churchwell also believes the name change should go all the way to the city limit at Saturn Lane, rather than stopping at Brumbeloe. Councilwoman Dawn Tanner agreed with both suggestions, adding that it will always officially be Highway 75 no matter what decision the council makes.

Sanders said that the change to something more resembling Pinson’s identity would be discussed over the course of several meetings.

The city council next meets Feb. 6 at 6:30 p.m. at Pinson City Hall.

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