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Sheriff’s office announces gun safety, survival skills camp

By Gary Lloyd

JEFFERSON COUNTY — The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office last week announced four safety, self-defense and survival skills sessions that will take place this summer.

The first “Prepared, Not Scared” summer camp is June 9-13 at Oak Mountain State Park, the second is June 23-27 at Red Mountain Park and the third is July 7-11 at Oak Mountain State Park. The final session is July 14-18 at the Trussville Athletic Center. Each session is 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is for students entering the fifth through seventh grades.

Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale
photo courtesy of Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

“This camp will teach young people to be prepared for whatever life may throw at them,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale. “Our greatest allies in public safety are people who know what to do in an emergency.”

Campers will be taught by instructors from Fresh Air Family and Hoover Tactical Firearms. The summer camp will teach students what to do in a variety of situations such as in bad weather or if an active shooter enters their school. It will also teach basic survival skills such a wild food foraging, field first aid, building a shelter from natural materials, finding water and reading a map.

“Today’s world can be unpredictable,” said Hoover Tactical managing partner Whit Wright. “Survival skills build confidence and help kids keep cool heads in emergencies.”

Through the program, students will learn non-aggressive ways to try to escape an attacker and how to be aware of potential hazards. Fresh Air Family instructors will teach survival skills, such as what to do when you get lost. They will learn how to orient directions, build a shelter, make a fire, and which plants are edible. Lessons include learning poisonous from non-poisonous in the plant and animal world.

To register, call Amanda Clark at 205-335-3483 or email

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