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Last-minute gift ideas for Father’s Day

By Abby Hathorn

Some dads are easy to shop for because they are totally satisfied with a new hat, wallet or gift card to the home improvement store.

However, if your dad is anything like my dad, finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be a real head-scratcher. We all want to get our dads gifts they will love and be able to use, but we also want to get them gifts that show just how well we know and love them. So, if you are still scratching your head about what to get the world’s best dad, here are some stress-free ideas to get you started.

For the music-loving dad, a snazzy pair of headphones or a Bluetooth speaker or speaker set is a fun twist on the typical iTunes gift card. It shows him you know what he likes, and that you are a techno savvy shopper. If you are totally clueless on musical technology like me, check out your local music store and ask an expert for help. Be sure to tell an expert where your dad mostly enjoys his music — working out at the gym, barbecuing on the back deck or chilling out in the den with a glass of sweet tea.

For the grill-mastering dad, give him a brand new barbecue grilling set because you can’t go wrong with this classic gift. With so many varieties available, research and find a set that relates to the type of cooking out your dad does most often. For example, if Dad has a smoker, find him a wireless thermometer so he can grill like a pro while still watching the big game inside.

For any dad, make your Father’s Day gift personal with a basket full of his favorites. This year, I’m going to frame a photo of my dad and me for him to put on his desk at work, fill a Mason jar with his favorite candies, add another vintage decanter to his collection, and get him fun socks, putting all these items in a handy galvanized bucket. Not only will this gift make Dad smile from ear to ear, but it will also show him just how well I know him in a way he never saw coming.

Here are a few more classic gift ideas to help you as you shop: monogrammed shaving kit, sterling silver cuff links or a hand-stamped tie clip. For other quick and cute Father’s Day ideas, surf the World Wide Web and explore your local shops because you never know what you might find.

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