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Police bust gaming operation in Trussville

By Scott Buttram

TRUSSVILLE — Police officers responding to a robbery call at 108 Morrow Ave. in Trussville on Friday uncovered a gaming operation, Trussville Police Department Lt. Jeff Bridges said.

“Our officers were answering a robbery call at the location,” Bridges said. “At first, they couldn’t get anyone to answer the door, but after a while an individual opened the door and was behaving suspiciously.”

Bridges said the man asked if the officers had a search warrant, at which point the officers secured the building and sought a warrant to search the premises.

Trussville police impounded 25 gaming machines found in operation on Morrow Avenue in Trussville on Friday.
photo by Scott Buttram

After obtaining the search warrant, officers entered the building, where they found 25 gaming machines in operation, one employee and two customers.

“Once we realized what we had, we moved the marked vehicles out of sight and waited,” Bridges said. “Several more customers just kept coming in and attempted to play the games. We questioned them as they arrived.”

The owner of the operation is not known at this time. The machines have been seized and were loaded onto wreckers to be impounded.

Bridges said no arrests were made, but he expects charges will be filed once the investigation is complete.

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