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Letter to the editor: A night to remember

Dear Editor,

Unfortunately, when someone encounters me it is not always in the best of their life’s moments. I can not tell you how many excuses for not doing something as simple as coming to court I have heard over the years. It is sometimes enough to make one lose faith in humanity.

On Friday,February 10th, 2017, I had the privilege of attending “A Night To Shine” sponsored in part by the Tim Tebow Foundation and Cross Point Church. I cannot name all those you helped make this such a special night because I don’t know all their names, and anyway, they would not want the recognition as it took many people giving of their time and resources.

For those attending, It was truly a night to remember. I saw and witnessed humanity at its finest. It was a prom for those with disabilities, including my youngest daughter.

You see, they don’t see themselves as having disabilities, they don’t complain, they don’t gripe, they live life with no regrets, and with joy in their hearts. They don’t make excuses for the lot they have drawn in life, they excel in getting all there is in life.

For days leading up to the prom, that was all I could hear from Marlee, the prom this and the prom that, the shopping, the shoes, the dress the makeup and the smiles. Oh what a night did Trussville shine.

The gala was well attended, with many volunteers from all walks of life, young and senior, like me. What I noticed, beyond the smiles and glitter, was not one complaint from any of those who attended, though there were many a tearful eye, including yours truly, as we witnessed dancing, music, laughing, and having a wonderful time.

God blessed all those in attendance that night, and if you missed it, you missed a very special event.

Thank you Carrie Jones for being the Godly woman you are, who has a heart for those with challenges. Thank you again to the sponsors and all the volunteers. Judging by the smiles of all those in attendance, the prom was such a wonderful time to see God at work in the lives of all those who attended.

It was enough to recharge this old Judge’s view of humanity.


Carl E. Chamblee, Jr., Trussville Municipal Judge

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