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Gloria Ellis Self

Gloria Ellis Self was a beacon of love, kindness, and strength in the world for nearly 75 years.

Gloria Ellis Self

Her life was devoted to promoting the happiness of everyone she met through unconditional love and support.

Her quick wit sparked laughter and her smile was contagious. Through her enduring marriage to Dan Self and devotion to her family, she fulfilled, and exceed, her future plans inscribed in her high school memory book to “get married and have a happy family.”

She found joy in creating beauty in daily life. Gloria was known for always having an open door for family and friends, both old and new, for every holiday and those days in-between. She would spend countless hours cooking, sewing, decorating and creating extravagant flower arrangements to ensure every detail was thoughtful and warm.

Her impeccable hosting abilities made any and every occasion special, and she took great care to make sure each person would take home meals to feed them for days and warm memories to last their lifetimes.

In addition to epitomizing the quintessential southern lady, she was the embodiment of strength, determination, and resilience. She was continually learning and taught herself how to invest, run a business, and use technology, among many other things. She used her learned skills and inherent traits to constantly support, encourage, and inspire others to achieve greatly, seek happiness, and find good in every person and circumstance.

During the last three decades of her life, she was lovingly called “Granny” by all who knew her. “Granny” will forever be synonymous with love and devotion, evoke warm memories, and inspire those that carry her in their hearts to strive to be the light in the world that she was.

Granny passed on October 9, 2017, and is survived by many loved ones including, Dan Self, Arthur and Betsy Ellis, Danny and Dawn Self, Dawn and Brad Childs, Kaley and Jason Karaffa, Daniel and Tessa Childs, Danna Self, and Devin Self. She was predeceased by her son Darrell Self and many other loved ones


  1. Melinda Lake Robinson, pretty sure you remember her! One of our regulars!

  2. I do! I still can’t get over Sue being gone either!

  3. I know!! It’s so sad!

  4. Such a sweet lady. I am so glad I had the privilege to know her. I know her family will miss her so much. I always enjoyed seeing her out shopping. We would have to stop and catch up for a while. I will miss her.

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