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    Tjo Johnson

    I’m going to call this like it is. Bull. Crap. These disrespectful brats are on a short bus heading nowhere. If I had caught my son doing this when he was in college that police taser would have been the least of his worries.

  2. 2

    Bucky Eades

    I would hope that my kid would have been more respectful and would have had serious issues had they acted like this. HOWEVER once the police tazzed the 90 lb girl for the 4th time while she was on the ground, I was over that. Policemen are professionals and should be able to control their emotions after they get the upper hand. These kids were drunk and loud at 2 or 3 Am way past the noise ordinance but police over reacted and it escalated. Just saying if this had been students of color it would still be front page news too.

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