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  1. 1

    Mike Jay

    No way not Trussville

  2. 2

    Mike Jay

    No way not Trussville

  3. 3

    Eric Pond

    So why aren’t the youths that bought alcohol not under arrest?

  4. 4

    Eric Pond

    So why aren’t the youths that bought alcohol not under arrest?

  5. 5

    Craig Wilson

    The police sent the youths in there to test the system. It happens all the time.

  6. 6

    Justin Williamson

    There’s a Toyota dealership in Trussville?

  7. 8

    Jacob Allen Hudson

    You wanna name places that so that??? I’ll be here all day

  8. 9

    Andrea Calderone

    The usual Trussville witch hunt – underage alcohol. Let’s focus on more important things like the massive amounts of illegal drugs being sold and used.

  9. 10

    Jeremy Purvis

    I think 18 should be the legal age , if you are an adult, can be tried as one, you should have all the options any adult has

  10. 11

    Drake Odeneal

    They were minors who chose to identify as 21

  11. 12

    Greg Drake

    I think if you can fight for our country you should be able to legally sit down and drink a beer

  12. 13

    Melissa Gilbert

    There are a few more places around Trussville that sell to minors too. Not to mention those who are customers who get stopped by the teenagers in the parking lot who go back into the store to buy for them. And don’t forget the bars in Birmingham that let them in and sell to them. Its a problem but if they can’t get it in one place, they will get it in another.

  13. 14

    Lamar Adkins

    I was at the Chevron station at 11:30 at night when a boy came in there that looks like he was 16 years old and bought beer and I kept looking at the cash register lady thinking that she would even look up at him all she did was keep your eyes down the whole time and that boy look like he been doing this for a long time. This was just pass weekend

  14. 15

    Teresa Cox Chapple

    Underage alcohol Leeds to drugs . Need to nip it in the bud.

  15. 16

    Andrea Calderone

    Teresa Cox Chapple I totally disagree. Smoking marijuana leads to other drugs and Trussville has a terrible heroin and coccaine problem. Not to mention Xanax sold on the streets.

  16. 17

    Andrea Calderone

    So agree! You can cigarettes but can’t drink a beer. Here, kill yourself with cancer

  17. 18

    Tyler David Roe

    Melton, get to work on your traffic gridlock in your “downtown”. He needs to appear before his citizens to explain why he has failed to be proactive to try to prevent Hwy 11 from becoming like Hwy 280.

  18. 19

    Jeremy Purvis

    move out further, thats what you get for city life

  19. 20

    Marc Ward

    August 23rd you get your chance

  20. 21

    Jim Nolan

    Many of us are frustrated but many also understand what it takes to get ALDOT to do anything.
    I think he’s done an amazing job with what they gave him to work with. Is is perfect? Far from it.

    There are too many factors to go into but I suggest you look at the great school that continually attracts more people wanting to live in this community, or the economic development that also brings the residents.
    Trussville is having growing pains and, unfortunately, the remediation is slow and tedious.

    What suggestions do you have that you think would resolve the congestion in a timeframe to your liking?

    Simply having an opportunistic supporter of another candidate chime in (especially when that candidate has also been part of the decision making process) is, in my opinion, really low.
    I would honestly like to hear and suggestions either of you might have.

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