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  1. 4

    Marc Ward

    Any Beer would be great at this point!!!

  2. 5

    Ian Maddox

    Thanks for sharing Scott, it all looks great!

  3. 6

    Marcia Newman Segers

    An entertainment district would be great addition to this! Beer garden and amphitheater for live music?!?! Maybe where Marvins is?

  4. 7

    Eric Gay

    If this happens, I might never leave Trussville. We don’t necessarily need a bar or brewery (although I’m not opposed in the slightest), but Trussville needs to stand out as something other than another exit off the interstate with chain restaurants and chain retail. Too much potential for it not to flourish.

  5. 8

    Fran Bramblette

    Looks great! I am not fond of the architectural style of the building replacing the Straw Hat. Love that it is two story! Love the arched entrance to the new parking area. That building will be an Anchor. It will set the tone. It has to be interesting! Cannot not wait!

  6. 9

    Cicily Welch Mobley

    I just hope it actually happens and there’s more action than just talk like in the past.

  7. 10

    Tara Bradshaw Sellers

    I was hoping for a look more like Mt. Laurel in Chelsea..

  8. 11

    Betty Gilchrist Penuel

    What happened to the Book Rack Store? I didn’t see it in the drawing. Did I miss it or is it going away?

  9. 12

    The Trussville Tribune

    That is simply an artist rendering of what the building *could look like should the property owner choose to replace the current building. That decision would be completely up to the property owner who may simply keep the existing building just like it is or choose an all together different style.

  10. 13

    Jennie Tanner

    I just hope this project will actually get done instead of sitting there stagnant for years (cough, Civitan Park). I’ll be paying attention to whoever is mayor and how they handle it.

  11. 14

    Joel Barnes

    New York, Paris , London, Trussville?

  12. 16

    Fran Bramblette

    Just a possible plan. What parts of this plan are concrete….just wondering? Trussville has so much potential. These ideas would be great if and when implemented. I cannot wait. These renderings are so attractive. I love Trussville. It is time for this type of city renewal.

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