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  1. 1

    Perry Seahorn

    Well I stay out of Center Point as much as possible. And definitely will now.

  2. 2

    Sabrina Millwee Meeks

    Because speeding is Center Point’s main problem…

  3. 4

    Michael J Land

    Please put more cameras on 23rd NE. Speeding getting out of hand since they repaved our street.

  4. 5

    Thomas Burleson

    I love the people who complain about this. It’s simple don’t speed, don’t run red lights and stop at stop signs, is that so hard.

  5. 6

    Greg Gunter

    Center point going to make a lot of money from all these bad drivers.

  6. 7

    Jason Putman

    This is not about safety, this is about revenue. I agree with the statement about not speeding or running a stop sign/red light. But when the city was shut down the first time they made sure they created a public safety position so that there is someone in place to review footage and shelved the program until after the municipal elections. Center Point is all about safety, as long as it makes them money. Far more people are robbed, assaulted or killed in CP than are the victims of serious traffic accidents, yet the Council and Mayor are opposed to a police force.. Lets just call this what it is and be done with it.

  7. 10

    Tommy Everett

    Waiting to see if yellow light time is reduced to trap drivers. Research it . Done for revenue not safety. All about the $$$$.

  8. 11

    April Speanburg

    Um, doesn’t Center Point have more important problems to deal with than traffic? Just saying…

  9. 16

    Brian Hallmark

    One more good reason to stay out of Center Point.

  10. 18

    Kody Allen

    Good maybe there will be less wrecks now

  11. 19

    Kevin Small

    Let’s see. A for profit company,redflex, is installing cameras that the majority of the revenue goes to them…I wonder who is in charge of calibrating the system…I bet it’s redflex.

  12. 20

    Kevin Small

    Scott Buttram, have you all done any research on whether or not a private company can enforce traffic tickets written (especially being issued to a vehicle owner rather than the driver) or are they just counting on people just paying?

  13. 21

    Kevin Small

    Also, do you know the profit margin for the private company?

  14. 22

    The Trussville Tribune

    We know the state law was changed to accommodate the use of cameras, but we don’t have all the details on that, yet.

  15. 23

    Kevin Small

    The Trussville Tribune “yet”. I like that.

  16. 24

    Jason Tucker

    They won’t last long in center point. Either someone will steal them or shoot them down…

  17. 25

    Jeff McDaniel

    Wouldn’t red light cameras be considered unconstitutional under the 6th amendment?

  18. 28

    Brian Wells

    Glad i dont live there no more.

  19. 29

    Dale Taylor

    We need a camera at the corner of Terry Heights and Meadows Dr.

  20. 31

    Tyler Franklin

    Shawna Chapman Ragland you gonna run for mayor this time to get them removed?

  21. 32

    Shawna Chapman Ragland

    LoL I stirred enough trouble for the first time…. maybe we should put Jerry on it since he is retired! Too bad people voted these crooks back into office.

  22. 33

    David Nichols

    Just another revenue raising scheme…put cops out there writing tickets and create more jobs…police presence equals less crime ….oh and you will raise your revenue

  23. 34

    Tyler Franklin

    Get Jackson Ragland to help Jerry it’ll be like a real life series of Rick and Morty

  24. 35

    Shawna Chapman Ragland

    Join our FB page “Say no to center point traffic cameras”. They just love my page! Always trying to join it.

  25. 36

    Shawna Chapman Ragland

    Were you aware the the 4 police officers that Center Point contracts out are not there to write tickets and prevent crime, but to serve citations for things like grass to high and too many cars in your yard? True story!

  26. 37

    David Nichols

    If Center Point can’t afford to hire cops to patrol and protect the public then Center Point as a city should dissolve back into unincorporated Jefferson County…

  27. 38

    Alex Payne

    Won’t be going to center point anymore. Not that i did anyway Hunter Henry gas in on the right

  28. 39

    Scott Key

    Broke again Center Point sharing proceeds with a 3 rd party vendor. Nothing like a city full of traffic cameras to bring in customers to your remaining businesses

  29. 40

    Ed Hollis

    Will not buy anything in centerpoint

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