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  1. 2

    Drew Taylor

    Hannah C Layne Zaxbys by Konomi got a 76

  2. 3

    Lizzie Unger

    These are the reasons I don’t eat out, yikes!!

  3. 4

    Crystal Jolley Garrett

    Paige Mosley Dick …..they are mess inside as well!

  4. 7

    Valerie Desiree Reed

    Jeffrey Snipes Zaxby’s in trussville by konomi

  5. 9

    Brandon Horton

    Stephanie Horton no more zaxby in trussville lol

  6. 13

    Michelle Morris Barrett

    Yuk!!!! The new Zaxbys at Springville is so nice and has a great score.

  7. 14

    Kevin Small

    That’s one of the reasons I’m team gutheries.

  8. 15

    Kevin Small

    I would have guessed Pizza Hut from the headlines. That is the nastiest Pizza Hut on the planet.

  9. 17

    Angie Gorman

    Marche Webb I was told to tag you

  10. 18

    Louise Waters

    I look for the rating first thing and several restaurants in Trussville have low ratings. Habanero has the best last time I checked. I check the JCDH list frequently.

  11. 19

    Cecilia Kirk

    No more Zaxby’s for me.

  12. 20

    Dawn Marie Thomas

    Scott Thomas…I’m glad you don’t go to this one!!

  13. 22

    Shirley Bice Byers

    Aren’t you having another birthday on the 22nd!! Lol! Happy early birthday!!

  14. 23

    Nyce Nite

    Haley York Hancock and you wanted to go there yesterday hell naw Barbara Hancock

  15. 25

    Ashlyn Shea Maples Spruiell

    That Zaxbys is disgusting! I ordered a salad a few weeks ago minus cucumber, but that’s not what I got! Instead it was a salad minus tomatoes, with triple cucumbers, extra cold chicken, & French fries! Yep, French fries all over my salad!

  16. 27

    Shelley Dean Reeves

    Shannon, I know you and daddy used to frequent Zaxby’s here! Just another great reason y’all moved

  17. 28

    Shannon VanderWall Dean

    Not sure what the Zaxby’s in Springville is. Might need to check next time.

  18. 30

    Marche Webb

    Aww man, Zaxbys is my ish too.

  19. 31

    Marche Webb

    Looks like I’ll be going there now. I didn’t know there was a new Zaxbys

  20. 32

    Jessica Boswell

    Cindy Koshnick Shawna Boswell Frank Boswell no more Zaxbys guys

  21. 33

    Dianne Dooley

    My son worked at that one a few years ago. That’s why he quit among other reasons. And why we won’t eat their.

  22. 34

    Treva Tanner Reeves

    Not surprised about that Zaxbys.

  23. 36

    Deborah Shirley

    I ate there today. Now I’m sick.

  24. 37

    Michelle Morris Barrett

    It’s at the Walmart exit along with a new Taco Bell and Hardee’s.

  25. 38

    Lindsey Johnson Kennedy

    Elizabeth Hallmark Tawanna Zeitvogel Hallmark Brittni Newton Farris Chelsea Tipton Walker

  26. 40

    Tiffany Windsor

    Zara Windsor doesn’t your mom go there all the time? Mary Profetto ew

  27. 41

    Lauren Nichols

    A low score is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be for simple things such as wearing a bracelet/watch in the kitchen, hand washing stations not being warm enough, dumpster lids being open, etc… but do read what they had points taken off for. Someone can have an 85 for the things listed above, and someone can have a 95 for food not being stored or cooked at the right temperature, or even having pest.

  28. 42

    Zara Windsor

    Oh gross. Yeah, she loves that place. Maybe not anymore!

  29. 44

    Tim Norman

    Hmmm…these restaurants need to get it together

  30. 45

    Jessica Bookout-Lucky

    It’s a different owner and it’s super nice and CLEAN !!

  31. 47

    Beth Wilborn Bonner

    I saw it. No more Zaxby’s. I know you’re happy 😆

  32. 49

    Anna Hallman

    Preach on, Lauren. You know your Servsafe. Aren’t you a Servsafe manager?😊

  33. 50

    The Trussville Tribune

    You are correct, but if you’ll read the article, you’ll see the detailed reasons. Four major (red) violations among many minor violations.

  34. 51

    Katie Albright

    Brooke McLeod Blake Scott Stephanie Roberts Brown Tim Gipson I was feeling sick and then I just happen to come by this article.

  35. 52

    Lauren Nichols

    I did read the article, and I’m hoping Zaxby’s was just having a rough time and plan on getting there act together from now on. ☺️ It’s good for people to be aware of things like that though for future reference. It’s important to read the fine print!

  36. 53

    Anna Hallman

    Lauren, the contaminated glove issue was concerning. But even more concerning to me was the TCS food in the temperature danger zone at Parish Oyster house which got a “90”. That was a critical control point I would be far more concerned with than some of the minor deductions for Zaxby’s.

  37. 54

    Blake Scott

    Well a 90 is still an “A” right? That’s not too bad!

  38. 55

    Lauren Nichols

    Anna Hallman yes!!! A glove that fell on the floor is obviously gross, but the food at Parish is much more serious!!

  39. 56

    Katie Albright

    Blake Scott yeah that’s what I was thinking but the part about keeping raw meat in warm temperatures got me. But don’t worry, I’ll still be eating there. It was delicious.

  40. 57

    Stephanie Roberts Brown

    Lovely! Thank goodness I didn’t get raw oysters!

  41. 59

    Heather Peacock

    Whelp I know where I’m not going for a while. A shame though, used to work there in highschool when it first opened, seems it has really gone down hill

  42. 60

    Ashley Holloway

    Zaxby’s in Springville is the cleanest one I’ve been in.. love their food!! They aren’t owned by the same people

  43. 61

    Nora Greer Roberts

    Did someone overlook the score of the greatly overrated and very expensive Shula’s..85????

  44. 62

    Leah Scharf Miller

    Yay Lauren & Anna for recognizing the obvious! Temperature of meat is more dangerous than grease around the grease station!!! Jefferson County changed several 2 point items to critical 5 point items a few years ago and it can kill your score. Like a cup not in a designated area went from 2 points to 5 points. I wouldn’t consider that critical. So like y’all pointed out always read what the reason for points deducted is for. Hopefully others will read, educate their self and figure out. I hate for restaurants to get bashed. It’s my families business and it’s by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Thanks girls for standing up and pointing out what others don’t see or understand.

  45. 63
  46. 64

    Mary Profetto

    That’s for sure 😡how gross is that. Last week I was in there for the first time in quite awhile and the dining area look pretty dirty to me. That was before any of this came out. Not going back.

  47. 68

    Katie Kendrick

    Girl, my mom had 5 points deducted for dented cans that Wood frutticher had JUST DROPPED OFF!!! She has never had below a 99

  48. 70

    Shawna Boswell

    Ew I NEVER eat there anyways thank goodness!

  49. 71

    Taylor Anderson

    Mika McClendon no more zaxbys

  50. 72

    Isaac Apellido

    I didn’t work in fast food but for a couple of years, but I remember when the health inspector was there, you were extra careful with everything. For instance, dropping a glove on the floor and reusing it??!!? Who does that during an inspection? Makes me wonder what a normal day, not on their best behavior is like.

  51. 73

    Anna Emerick

    The score is not reflected strictly on food, building maintenance and other non food related things can effect the score. But sad thing is a company or owner trains and depends on its managers and employees to properly clean, handle and date food, throw out expired food, etc. And it fell very short here. I guarantee that once the owner gets score there will be some firing, clean up and strick health codes training coming. And hopefully owner will also check in more often and do its own health inspection. Hope each can recover.

  52. 75

    Zack Isley

    Well at least I have a few more options for chicken in the area! Hahaha

  53. 76

    Cindy Owens

    This is so disgusting!!!!!

  54. 78

    LouAnn Hamilton Nix

    I ate there last week and got a salad. Oh no!

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