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    Kathy Sills

    Everything tax thing is vital to our schools…going on 35 years I’ve been hearing that….

  2. 2

    Rob Langford

    We were lead to believe this school tax was temporary. It was only to build and restore the old school. Now they want to repurpose this tax for something else. We the people of Trussville were mislead.

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    Donna Santos Griffith

    I think these are two different taxes. The one coming up is a renewal of an older 30 yr tax for Jefferson County schools which also includes Trussville. The most recent one was an additional tax just for Trussville Schools. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

  5. 5

    Melanie Skinner Gaines

    This is not the Trussville school tax. This is a Jefferson County tax that has been around for 25+ years. It is up for renewal. Some school systems would lose $1700 per student per year if this tax is not renewed. This is completely separate from Trussville City Schools taxes.

  6. 6

    Scott Buttram

    There are actually three tax renewals to be voted on. Two of the are countywide tax issues that are 30 years old. The third tax renewal is the property tax for Trussville that was originally passed when the school system started. This is not the tax Trussville passed for the two new elementary schools.

  7. 7

    Rob Langford

    Thank you Scott Buttram for clearing that up.

  8. 8

    Donna Santos Griffith

    Thanks, Scott. That’s what I thought. (Didn’t realize there were 3 taxes, though).

  9. 9

    Rob Langford

    I know that they always say it would have terrible consequences if they are voted down but I really wonder what would happen.

  10. 10

    Harold Clements

    So we are paying ad valorem taxes for TCS, but also for Jefferson county schools? Why?

  11. 11

    Lamar Adkins

    I thought we always had a the velour tax it’s on my tag receipt.

  12. 12

    Jack Connell

    Think property tax. You live in Jefferson County case solved

  13. 13

    Paul McClain

    When do we get to vote on this?

  14. 14

    Patrick Campbell

    What would happen is the school system would lose $4.7 million in funding.

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