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  1. 3

    Melanie Price Shores

    Emma and I need to go shopping Josh Shores

  2. 4

    Lauren Harris

    Gina Pickett Harris !!!!

  3. 5

    Alaina Mann

    Alison Medlin Lindsey. Now I don’t have to drive across town to take back my arbor!

  4. 11

    Danielle Bruner Langdon

    when is Ulta opening!? That’s the store I want to know about!

  5. 13

    Linda D. Crumpton

    My grandson, Jeff, is working there….So proud of him and his new career…

  6. 14

    Lauren Davis

    There is no such thing as a “soft opening” at Hobby Lobby. The ladies find out and there’s a stampede on its way. Good luck new employees!

  7. 15

    Rebecca Ford

    Cynthia Marie Hudman

  8. 16
  9. 19

    Hannah Dalton

    Saf Price is going to love that being so close to me 😜

  10. 20

    James Tortorici

    Carol Bradford Tortorici

  11. 22

    Brittany Morgan Watson

    Donna Cobb Morgan-Walker maybe it was the soft open we saw the other day

  12. 25

    Sonia Denise Carter

    Laura Swinford Laina Williams Simmons

  13. 28
  14. 32

    Elliene Jackson

    Love Hobby Lobby! When I go in it is hard to get me out!

  15. 33

    Christie Renfro

    Gail Murphree I know where we can go Tuesday

  16. 37

    Wanda Evans Williams

    Melissa Richardson-Williams

  17. 39
  18. 40
  19. 43

    Amanda Turner Davis

    Yea… the boys mind as well just hand on over their wallets…#somuchcutestuff #somanypinterestideas!!!

  20. 47

    Cherri Barrett

    Kim we need to go shopping. Might need to borrow that sweet husband of yours credit card. lol

  21. 48

    DeAnn Shannon

    Some of us are more excited than others….

  22. 49

    Alison Medlin Lindsey

    Haha! True!! Oh my goodness! I’ve been waiting on this! So excited! 😃

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