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    Ronald Hagood Jr.

    It’s all Gardendale’s fault

  2. 2

    Andrea Catalano

    Ok…….are all senior girls getting an award/scholarship? If not, they what’s the big deal? If I was a college coach that had given a scholarship to one of the seniors I would rather them play the game than attend the banquet awards. It shows dedication.

  3. 3

    Tracy Feltman Meloni

    Yes, there are only 3 seniors and they are all recipients of a scholarship and in MY opinion by receiving these scholarship there is no argument about their dedication.

  4. 4

    Shelby Elizabeth Morgan

    i am one of the three seniors on the softball team, and i am honored to have been able to attend the awards banquet. I represented myself and the school I will be attending in the fall. It is our senior year, and yes even though all three of us received softball scholarships and committed to play ball in college, that simply wasn’t all that was given out on awards night. One of the other seniors received her cords and other awards as well. The banquet was put together a year ago, we are thankful the Gardendale coach was flexible with us and our team as to acknowledging our awards & hard work.

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