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    Jarrod Hill

    A guy yelled at you so you decided to press charges . . . Wow

  2. 3

    Richard Stiles

    Bawhaha!!! They should get a trophy… I mean they did participate.

  3. 4

    Bama Jason

    Didn’t know hurt feelings could lead to wasted police man hours. Way to go!

  4. 5

    Celeste M Blair

    Ummm… well, I read the article, and if it happened just as it says, these guys were being annoying jerks who should’ve kept driving but I really just dont see a crime committed here.

  5. 6

    Cathy Reese Ratliff

    They need to buy tags just like I have to and ins bikes have more rights on the road than I do which is bull crap

  6. 7

    Erica Lynn Brightman

    Like how people hate on these poor cyclist that about got ran over by two assholes. By the way they were marathon riding to raise money and awareness for cancer patients.

  7. 8

    Sam Stewart III

    I’m all for cycling as it’s a great hobby for someone to have. At the same time, there are several trails in the area that can be ridden on and some cyclists choose to ride on major roads. I know this was a race and I’m not sure where it is located but I have been stuck behind cyclists riding 3 and 4 wide down both 411 In Moody and Hwy 11 in Trussville. Not single file…. wide, as in taking up an entire lane. Every time it resulted in backed up traffic behind them and they were just peddling away without a care in the world.

    Drivers should respect cyclists, but that must go both ways. Neighborhoods, side streets, bike trails are plentiful in our area. Why do they have to say “no” to all those other options and insist on riding major roads? I think that if the speed limit is 35 or more, they shouldn’t be allowed on the road. We don’t allow ATV’s on the road and an ATV of any decent size would be less of a hazard than a cyclist.

  8. 9

    Scott White

    Look like real winners!!!

  9. 10

    Ian Maddox


    As a cyclist I might be able to provide some insight, namely, Alabama is one of the least bike friendly states in the Union. This is not an exaggeration. I completely understand the frustration of getting caught behind “a pack” but this is typically done for safety reasons and not an intentional attempt to thwart motor vehicles. I’m not sure if you are aware but cyclists on the road are treated just like cars. Or, for the most part they are. We have to follow the same rules that a vehicle does. There are scarce number of protected bike lanes anywhere in the city let alone the state. I have been cussed at, had cans and bottles thrown at me, people letting their dogs chase me, cars trying to run me off the road and telling me to get on the sidewalk (which is technically illegal by the way). There’s a reason why cyclists sometimes opt to ride in groups. Just providing another perspective.

    *not to say that cyclists shouldn’t be aware of traffic flow, they should I’m just telling you that there’s a protective, pack like mentality because there are so few safe places to ride and because many people have experienced the same thing that I’ve described above.

  10. 11

    Sam Stewart III

    As always, I respect your opinion. We have discussed other issues on fb in the past and I believe you to be an intelligent and level headed guy. “Going after” cyclists in ways you described is ridiculous.

    I get that Alabama may not offer what other states do, but I still have to object to people riding on major highways. It creates several issues, safety being the biggest one.

    FYI, I’m originally from Calhoun County. If you haven’t gone over and ridden the Chief Ladiga trail, I highly recommend it.

  11. 12

    Lindsay Hughes Vandegrift

    You should watch the video footage before judging the cyclist for pressing charges. There was no need for their actions and he was definitely threatened. What would have happened if the cyclist had been alone? My husband rides and I wish people would realize these are people on wheels, not protected by anything. Also, riding through neighborhoods doesn’t work when you ride 40 miles in distance and go 20-30 miles an hour like my husband does.

  12. 13

    Ian Maddox

    It’s great! And I have! I do understand your issue with major highways, sometimes to connect routes it’s inevitable but I understand your point.

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    Jeffrey D. Bramer

    It was a lot more than that sir!

  15. 16

    Jeffrey D. Bramer

    A crime indeed was committed!

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    Jeffrey D. Bramer

    I drive a car and pay all that stuff too. If they had a tag on their bicycle would that have made a difference?

  17. 18

    Kelli Penque

    Bikers must follow the same rules as a car when cycling on a main road. I’m not sure where you pulled information that they have more rights than a driver as it pertains to driving. As for a tag, you’re being ridiculous. All of us own a bike downstairs, should a toddler with training wheels have to register her bike for a tag and pay $200 to register it. I’m sure you’re one of those who complains about the DMV line being overcrowded, too.

  18. 19

    Jeffrey D. Bramer

    I just rode 100 miles in Ridgeland, Mississippi this past Saturday and was treated with the utmost respect. Mississippi beats Alabama in being bicycle friendly.

  19. 20

    Jeffrey D. Bramer

    Kelli Penque the tag argument is so lame. There are just people who think the roads are built for them and them only. They sit in the pews Sunday morning and then talk about opening car doors on cyclists and buzzing them.

  20. 21

    Kelli Penque

    We have bigger problems than registering bikes 😂

  21. 22

    Jeffrey D. Bramer

    Bicycles do not impact the road. They don’t create potholes, they don’t wear down the pavement, they don’t add pollution. It just people trying to have fun and get exercise. But for whatever reason some drivers just go ballistic about a bike slowing them down.

  22. 24

    Warren Clay

    Every other vehicle that travels the roads in Alabama is taxed and registered via the tag process, and the owner is required to have insurance. Should be the same for bicycles.

    Don’t ride your bicycle on a road that you can’t go the speed limit on.

  23. 26

    Sam Modder

    Would you press charges if somebody forced you from the road in your car and threatened you? How about if they did it to your wife or child?

  24. 27

    Sam Modder

    Watch the video. You have a cyclist who is extremely vulnerable being threatened by two men in a pickup truck.

  25. 28

    Joey Blalock

    Sorry what these guys did was stupid but no crime was committed! Waste of the courts time. A half ass lawyer will have this dismissed! Maybe we should prosecute all dumbasses! Wait that would be half the population

  26. 29

    Joey Blalock

    If I had been the cyclist I would have called his bluff

  27. 30

    Heather Williams

    Sam this road is what we refer to as a “back road”. Idk if you watched video but these asshats in the truck could have very easily went around the cyclists and been on their merry little way. They didnt, instead they chose to threaten the guy and throw things at him. This road is not full of cars at any given time. I get frustrated when I get behind a cyclist(s) bc I have to ride the brakes and I’m terrified some idiot in a car texting on their phone & not paying attention is going to slam into the back of me and cause me to hit the cyclist(s). Should something happen you will not automatically be at fault simply bc you were in a car and the other person(s) was/were on a bike. It will be evaluated by police the same as any traffic accident.

  28. 31

    Heather Williams

    We are always last :-/

  29. 33

    Logan Creel

    You’re kidding right? Did you see the video? It woulda been one thing had the guy not tried to hit them and never slowed or stopped and just rode by and cussed at them, but that’s not what happened… when the guy looked to get the tag# they backed up toward him and the guy took a really threatening tone and looked like he was about to jump on him… I’m guessing he probably would have, had other riders not happened upon them right then. The guy did this to send a message to them, that it’s not okay to treat ppl on the road like that. He was fine and never hurt, but what if a week or two later they drove up on one guy riding by himself? If they hadn’t just had charges pressed against them, they may have been of the mindset they could get away with hitting him or jumping out and beating him or whatever… the rider here set a precedent so that these guys or any other redneck goons will think twice before they do something so reckless and stupid.

  30. 34

    Dennis Vandegrift

    Here’s a post from a cyclist shot by a bb gun from a passing vehicle today.
    This is the type of crap that we need to stop.

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