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    Jimmy Goeb

    Bicycles should not be on any road period

  2. 2

    Bama Jason

    So when they’re riding three across are they not obstructing traffic?

  3. 3

    William Kennedy

    Be safe, considerate and share the road shouldn’t need a law, but here we are.

  4. 4

    Lindsey Lemley

    Cyclist have just as much right to be on the road as we do.

  5. 5

    Matt Butler

    That may be your opinion and you are entitled to it, but they are allowed to be on any road unless prohibited (i.e. interstates)

  6. 6

    Matt Butler

    State law allows for cyclist to ride up to 2 abreast. In the case where they are riding 3 abreast they are technically violating that law. However, you can still pass safely when the space allows. More than likely though if the cyclist know you’re there they will move to help make passing easier. We want you to pass us safely.

  7. 7

    Matt Butler

    Yes, no body is perfect on the road.

  8. 8

    Paul Pale Coney

    They should only be allowed to ride single file on a road with an adequate shoulder

  9. 9

    Bama Jason

    If cyclists want to ride on the rode the should have to register their bikes like a car.

  10. 10

    Matthew Richardson

    Required registration with registration revenue going to a fund exclusively for building bike paths throughout the city. Cyclists are health conscious so why inhale exhaust fumes or risks serious accidents on a motorway?

  11. 11

    Ian Maddox

    Yes please! Alabama is not particularly known for its bicycle awareness! Most people don’t even realize that cyclists have to follow the exact same rules of the road as motor vehicles. They can be ticketed by police officers for breaking those rules. If that’s the case then drivers of motor vehicles should give the same respect and distance to a person on a bicycle as they do to any other vehicle.

  12. 12

    Ian Maddox

    Matt Butler in fact, from a legal standpoint they are treated the same as motor vehicles. A bicyclist on the road has to follow all of the same laws that a car or truck does. Most people don’t realize this but in most states riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is illegal.

  13. 13

    Matt Butler

    Ian Maddox That is correct. A bicycle is considered a vehicle and by that definition is required to obey the same rules of the road as any other vehicle. You are also correct in the assumption that most people don’t realize that sidewalks are for pedestrians only and bikes are not allowed.

  14. 14

    Ian Maddox

    Matt Butler I started riding a bike at about six years of age, moved on to BMX then mountain biking then road biking. All of this bicycle experience took place in California and Colorado. When I moved to the south I realized how bicycle “non-oriented” people are here (still are) and how dangerous it was to travel on public roads (still is). If I had a dollar for every empty beer can thrown at me or colorful expletives shouted my direction I could buy a new bike tomorrow. It looks like you may live in Trussville, if you do send me a PM with either your email address or cell phone number and I will add you to a “GroupMe” for Trussville cyclists.

  15. 15

    Barry Smith

    I have to buy a expensive tag for my motorcycle to be on the road and and have the same rights as a vehicle, so why not have bikes to be required if they got the same rights ?

  16. 16

    Matt Butler

    I do live in Trussville. There is also a face book page for trussville area cyclists

  17. 18
  18. 19

    Jimmy Goeb

    Ok so you guys should have to register and buy a tag. Then your bike should be equipped with a headlight,brake lights, horn and be able to keep up with the speed limit

  19. 20

    Jimmy Goeb

    Oh yea don’t forget your liability insurance

  20. 21

    Ron Hyche

    Also you have to purchase insurance and have proof of insurance.

  21. 22

    Michael Stanley

    If they are entitled to it they should pay taxes and get a cartag brake lights and blinkers like everyone else.

  22. 25

    Merrill Smith

    Bama Jason – Ok. I register my bike. Heck, I will even put a tag on it. Now, what exactly did that just accomplish?

  23. 26

    Merrill Smith

    Paul – Why? Just so you know, studies have been done and it is safer to have cyclists ride 2 wide as it takes less time for a car to pass.

  24. 27

    Charles Bush

    It is a stupid person that will put themselves and others at risk just to ride a damn bicycle. Morons! Three foot clearence required of car drivers?? What are the rules for the goofy cyclist?? NONE that I know of. My parents taught me not to play in traffic and with all the “distracted” driving going on I barely feel safe in my big truck. You could not pay me to put those goofy clothes on and go risk my life to go play in traffic.

  25. 28

    Charles Bush

    Where is their tag. My car has a tag that is required to be on the road

  26. 29

    Matt Butler

    We would gladly do so, but that doesn’t change the fact that a bicycle is still a vehicle and has all the rights to the road. The registration argument is immaterial to the discussion at hand.

  27. 30

    Matt Butler

    As Merrill has pointed out. What do you think is safer to pass. A group of 10 riding single file or a group of 10 riding 2 abreast? Which line is longer?

  28. 31

    Matt Butler

    Most of us would gladly pay for a tag, but what do you do about mountain bikes, bmx bikes, kids bikes, etc. It’s not as simple as you might think.

  29. 32

    Matt Butler

    It’s a stupid person who purposefully endangers a cyclist by trying to squeeze through a small gap or passing in a blind curve or hill. There are “rules” that cyclists have to follow. They are the same ones that drivers in cars must follow. As for your comment about putting people at risk let me say this. When I ride I am only putting myself at risk. It’s the inattentive or impatient driver that is putting everyone else at risk. I did not force them to pass me in a blind curve, or if there is oncoming traffic, they make the decision to put others in danger. Wait 5-10 seconds and there will usually be a safe opportunity to pass.

  30. 33

    Briana Moore

    I realize bikers have a right to use the road as well, but common sense should also be used. If a biker cannot due 45mph on a road with that speed limit, then they probably should not be on that road between the hours of 6:30-8:30am and 4:00-6:00pm. There are plenty of places to bike that don’t involve backing up rush hour traffic for miles.

  31. 34

    Briana Moore

    Ron Hyche Agreed. They should be required to have insurance, too, since they can cause wrecks being on the road.

  32. 35

    Charles Bush

    Same rules, really?? Where are the tags on those bikes that have to follow the same rules?

  33. 36

    Ian Maddox

    Charles Bush what purpose would the tag have?

  34. 37

    Charles Bush

    Same rules, really? Where do you put your tag. I ride also. I get to the side of the road as far as I can and I only ride on low speed limit roads. 35 or less.

  35. 38

    Matt Butler

    A speed limit is the “maximum” allowed speed. Anything below that is acceptable. A car doing 20mph in a 45 zone is not violating any law. Aggravating, sure. As for when we can and do ride; well that’s often dictated by work and family obligations. I’d love to ride when there is less traffic, but sometimes its just not possible. While there are place to ride with low traffic, we often have to ride to those places and that requires us to use the same roads as you because often times that’s the only feasible route!

  36. 39

    Kathy Sills

    As long as they can do the speed limit….

  37. 40

    Kathy Sills

    They run stop signs in trussville …i walk every day..they sliw down

  38. 41

    Ingrid Schnader

    Kathy Sills Speed limit does not mean required speed. It means maximum speed. 🙂

  39. 42

    Kathy Sills

    Really??thx for the update…

  40. 43

    Kathy Sills

    Ingrid Schnader..does a stop sign mean stop or just slow down?

  41. 44

    Ian Maddox

    This is a subject I am passionate about. Where in Birmingham are you experiencing “traffic back-up” due to cyclists? I drive most every day (M-F) from Trussville to Hoover and lots in between for years now. Never have I been backed up by a cyclist. I also road bike and mountain bike and when on my road bike (typically 1-3 times p/week) never have I individually or been part of a group collectively that has backed up traffic, ever. I’m not suggesting it’s never happened generally or to you specifically but with all of my driving and cycling experience I can’t imagine it’s happening too often. You probably will notice that there’s more people on here complaining about cyclists than there are cyclists defending themselves. There’s a reason for that. There just aren’t that many cyclists and because of that most people find them to be an annoyance. I actually see cars do dangerous things trying to get away from what they deem an annoyance while the cyclist is just peddling along safely. Not but a few years ago I had a pick up truck come behind me on old Springville Road. There wasn’t another vehicle in either direction as far as the eye could see and yet the driver decided to punch the gas and fly down the middle of the road around me while honking. Guess what? He lost control of his truck, went up an embankment, rolled three times right in front of my eyeballs. Guess what I did? I drug the driver out of the truck, called 911 on my cell and tried to keep the semi-conscious driver calm while we waited on emergency services. The family of the driver called me three days later to thank me for helping and to extend an apology for the driver acting irresponsibly.

    As to the license, registration and insurance; what would be the purpose? I’m not even opposed to the idea, I just don’t understand what the reasoning for it would be. I can assure you that cyclists are at a much greater risk from motor vehicles than the other way around. A 2000 pound truck driving 75 miles an hour can cause grievous damage to self and property. A bicycle can’t go that fast, weighs less than 20 pounds and mostly can only injure its operator. A bicycle uses no fuel, produces no emissions, produces zero (relatively speaking) wear and tear on the roads and lowers healthcare and insurance costs because it keeps people fit. Cyclists already have to follow the same rules that motor vehicles do and police can and do issue citations.

  42. 45

    Kathy Sills

    Just wondered..we have a harley..if you dont put at least one leg down…it is considered a non-stop and a ticket is warranted…oberserving cyclists in Trussville on my daily walks…i dont see that much…cyclists usually slow down but never completely stop.

  43. 46

    Ingrid Schnader

    I stop at all stop signs in my bike. Doing otherwise, in a car or a bike, would be breaking a traffic law.

  44. 48

    Ingrid Schnader

    What point are you trying to make?

  45. 49

    Ian Maddox

    Kathy Sills yes, that’s true, I’ve been guilty of it too and technically a police officer could citation the cyclist for doing so.

  46. 50

    Ingrid Schnader

    I see cars every day that do not come to a complete stop. This does not mean that all cars don’t have the right to be on the road.

  47. 51

    Kathy Sills

    But you are one of the few…i totally respect cyclists…but on hwy 11 speed limit 55…you top a hill and cyclists are right there in front of you doing less than 10 mph….i think there should be cyclists lanes, like in Maine. Otherwise….no….very dangerous for all involved…downtown Birmingham i am constantly being passed on my right side so close…it scares me to death….

  48. 52

    Kathy Sills

    We received a ticket for not putting one leg down on our motorcycle…we learned the hard way….thx Ian

  49. 53

    Kathy Sills

    I try to move over but on hwy 11..almost impossible…i want bicycle lanes …

  50. 54

    Ian Maddox

    Kathy Sills great! Me too! Now all we have to do is convince the legislators to spend money

  51. 55

    Merrill Smith

    What about requiring pedestrians to get a tag to walk on they sidewalk? Sometimes they cause accidents too, so make them carry insurance as well. Yeah. That will solve everything.

  52. 56

    Kathy Sills

    Ian….they first have to get raises for themselves…we should all get together and lobby for something that really matters

  53. 57

    Lori Loftis

    Yes ! I def agree Jimmy Goeb . You are absolutely correct

  54. 58

    Jimmy Goeb

    You can quit saying y’all have the same rules that motor vehicles have because that is a lie

  55. 59

    Emmett Haislip

    The riders need to be 3 feet away from motorists.

  56. 60

    Matt Butler

    If a cyclist owns a home and/or a car it is likely that one of those policies covers them while on the road.

  57. 61

    Drake Odeneal

    How bout ANY vehicle allowed on public roadways , regardless of the number of wheels, be required to pull over when three or more vehicles fall in behind. Also, any wheeled vehicle traveling 20 MPH under the posted speed limit should pull safely to the side so that the rest of civilization can continue . Failure to do so will result with a citation for impeding traffic flow.

  58. 63

    Jennifer Ball Keller

    You’re already not supposed to be driving at a speed of lower than 15 miles below the speed limit. Driving too slow can also get you a ticket for impeding the flow of traffic.

  59. 64

    Jimmy Goeb

    Do you have insurance for bicycle

  60. 65

    Bama Jason

    Then it would give you the same rights to the road as a vehicle. If cyclists were made to pat a fee to ride on the road there might just less on the road. Also when there is a group of cyclists obstructing traffic you could get tag numbers

  61. 66

    Tommy Dodson

    Why in the world would a grrown man want to wear spandex or whatever

  62. 67

    Matt Butler

    This has been covered in other comments. And it holds no bearing on the conversation. If it was required we would but it’s not so your argument is moot.

  63. 68

    Ian Maddox

    Jimmy Goeb yes, but not the kind of insurance you are asking about. Let’s say I get insurance, does that resolve even one single complaint on this feed from motor vehicle operators that seem to think that bicyclists are a problem. No, it doesn’t, so what is your point?

  64. 69

    Matt Butler

    The law gives us the same rights, not any fee.

  65. 70

    Ian Maddox

    Matt Butler right! For the life of me I can’t figure out why people keep asking about license, registration and insurance. How does that resolve the complaints drivers seem to have about cyclists backing up rush-hour traffic for miles all over town! You would think ABC 3340 would be tired of reporting bicycle related traffic jams every morning and afternoon.

  66. 71

    Matt Butler

    We would love bike lanes and we advocate for them. Sometimes we are forced into roads like Hwy 11 because it’s the only route available. I personally avoid 11 when I can but sometimes it’s not possible.

  67. 72

    Matt Butler

    Let the perfect law abiding motorist cast the first stone…

  68. 73

    Matt Butler

    A tag is a specific requirement of motor vehicles not a rule of the road. Again, every cyclist I know would pay for a tag if it was required and the fees went to bike infrastructure.

  69. 74

    Matt Butler

    Give them the 3 feet required by law when passing and they will be.

  70. 75

    Matt Butler

    Please cite the specific law you are referring to because I am not aware of it. The only places you see minimum speeds is on interstates.

  71. 76

    Matt Butler

    Why would a grown man want to wear a romper, sleeveless undershirt, flip flops when not at the beach. Does it matter…

  72. 77

    Matt Butler

    Because it’s the only argument they have.

  73. 78

    Ian Maddox

    Matt Butler actually, I think you and I are wasting our time here.

  74. 79

    Matt Butler

    It would be nice to see the Tribune follow up on some of this.

  75. 80

    Ian Maddox

    Matt Butler yes, Chris Yow and Scott Buttram should absolutely follow up!

  76. 82

    Bama Jason

    Maybe you should read my comment again so you understand it. I said there should be a fee, motorist pay to drive on the road so should cyclists.

  77. 83

    Lamar Adkins

    The state should make a bike lane that is 3 feet wide on the shoulder of the road not in the road. I like to hit cyclist the other day I’m doing 50 and he’s doing at the most 5 miles an hour around the curve. Should I hit the car head-on in the other lane to avoid hitting him?

  78. 84

    Lamar Adkins

    I believe it’s in the driver’s manual

  79. 85

    Paul Pale Coney

    Longer? Which line is narrower? Which gives both cyclists and motorists more room between each other?

  80. 86

    Jill Faucett Clark

    There should be a law that requires them to drive a certain closeness to the while line. Keep in mind, it is against the law for a car to cross the center line. A bicycle should be close enough to the white line to enable any vehicle to safely pass without crossing the center line.

  81. 87

    Charles Bush

    What about inconciderate riders who do not get over or ride in large groups that block an entire lane? What riding on busy hwys? I have seen it on hwy 11 and hwy 280. Do what you want. In my rant I stated I was taught not to play in traffic. I believe in natural selection and the use of it. Enjoy playing in the traffic.

  82. 88

    Jimmy Goeb

    Can you do the speed limit on your bike

  83. 89

    Matt Butler

    It’s quicker and safer to pass 10 cyclist riding 2 abreast than it is passing 10 cyclist riding single file. Assuming the driver is obeying the law and providing 3 feet.

  84. 90

    Matt Butler

    Truth be told, a cyclists or a group is allowed to take the entire lane. The law only states that a cyclist should ride as far to the right as “practicable”.

  85. 91

    Matt Butler

    A speed limit is the “maximum” allowed speed. Not the required speed. Anything under that limit is completely acceptable. So your point is invalid.

  86. 92

    Matt Butler

    The law states that a cyclist should ride as far to the right as practicable.

  87. 93

    Ian Maddox

    Jimmy Goeb you don’t like cyclists. Got it. I have no more energy for this conversation, have a good day.

  88. 94

    Matt Butler

    We would love to see more bike lanes and paths provided.

  89. 95

    Jimmy Goeb

    I think this means you guys

  90. 96

    Charles Bush

    Like I said, its your life, your ass. Enjoy your playtime in traffic. Tell all the teenage texters out there on the road I said hello. Just because you can, does not make it smart or safe. Just because it is the law does not make it smart or even right. But you enjoy, ok.

  91. 97

    Merrill Smith

    Bama – Your point is somewhat circular ( not trying to start an argument). Cyclists already have the right to the road. It also appears that you view any cyclist as obstructing the road. Also, I don’t know of a single cyclist that does not also own a car so they are already paying to “use the road”. But, let me ask you this: are you in favor of folks having to pay a fee to use the sidewalk? – It’s the exact same thing.

  92. 98

    Bama Jason

    That’s ignorant. You pay to drive your car on the road do you not? So why should a cyclists pay to ride on the road?

  93. 99

    Merrill Smith

    Paul – Without knowing i you just explained why it is safer to ride two wide. When drivers see one rider they sometimes will try will try to squeeze by when oncoming cars are passing. As far as time goes, you can’t argue that the less time a car spends passing a group of riders is not safer.

  94. 101

    Chuck Biddinger

    Bicycles should not be allowed on major roads. Example Hwy. 11, Ruffner Rd., etc. My flame suit is on.

  95. 102

    Laura W Garner

    Not a fan of bicycles on the roads. And then there is one guy in Trussville that will run over you on his bike! Runs stop signs, does not use signals.

  96. 103

    Matt Butler

    What about people who walk on the road? Tag them?

  97. 105

    Matt Butler

    Quoted from the article above: People who walk and bicycle pay their fair share for use of the transportation system.

    Most walking and bicycling takes place on local streets and roads that are primarily paid for through property taxes and other general local taxes.
    Walking and bicycling inflict virtually no damage on roads and streets, and take up only a tiny fraction of the road space occupied by vehicles. Bicyclists and pedestrians likely pay far more in general taxes to facilitate the use of local roads and streets by drivers than they receive in benefits from state and federal infrastructure investment paid for through the gas tax.

    – See more at: http://www.frontiergroup.org/reports/fg/who-pays-roads#sthash.Yz1aMX1n.dpuf

  98. 106

    Bama Jason

    That’s hilarious because there’s no way research could prove that walker and cyclists pay anymore than drivers, zero real research.

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