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  1. 1

    Nancy Poettgen Sims

    This is the wreck we were talking about Jimmie-Larry Slocumb

  2. 3

    Nancy Smith

    What a mess trying to turn around.

  3. 4

    Sharon Lass

    Maybe a traffic light for us would help

  4. 5

    Marsha Maddux Liner

    I agree with you, Sharon. Being a resident in Sherman Oaks it is impossible to get out on highway 11.

  5. 7

    Pam Walker Adams

    We need a light. Someone is going to get killed. The traffic on Hwy 11 has increased 100% in the 15 years since we moved into Sherman Oaks. Don’t even try and turn left out of the neighborhood.

  6. 8

    Erik Merrill

    I agree. Hwy 11 could use an extra lane on each side between Trussville Springs and Deerfoot as well.

  7. 9

    Anita Heaton Gay

    We most definitely need a traffic light. We’ve been in Sherman Oaks 18 years and the traffic Is much heavier now!

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