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    Massey Willingham

    Are they being paid a flat fee for their service, or a percentage of what they collect.

  2. 3

    Massey Willingham

    Thanks, I missed that some how.

  3. 4

    Massey Willingham

    Second question is what sort of oversight they will have. I’m suspect of companies that have auditing and tax collecting authority that are paid on a commission basis.

  4. 5

    Tony Anselmo

    Sounds like an opportunity to employ a revenue officer 😐

  5. 6

    Gail Smith Wright

    THE City should hire an employee to make sure businesses pay. If they don’t pay, shut them down. I bet the “main office” would come forward if their local business were shut down by authorities. It is not fair to other businesses in Trussville that DO pay their license fees, etc., especially small businesses.

  6. 7

    Paul Pale Coney

    This will help. I guarantee it

  7. 8

    Thomas Morse

    Be careful collecting from small businesses. Many consumer protection laws are being applied to small businesses thanks to the CFPB that was set up under the Dodd-Frank Act during the Obama administration. Things like the FDCPA and UDAPP which were designed to protect consumers(not businesses) are being applied to small businesses under the pretense that many small businesses aren’t sophisticated enough to understand business law. I agree with the initiative and I believe every business should pay their fair share I just don’t want to see a collection agency put the city and subsequently the tax payers at risk. There should be significant oversight by the city to make sure the agency is operating within the guidelines of the current laws and are going above and beyond what is required.

  8. 9

    Steve Turner

    Footnote: Steve Whitman – fullback for Bear Bryant’s 1978 & 1979 Alabama National Championship teams and also a Huffman High alumnus.

  9. 10

    Sandra Merchant

    We pay ours faithfully every year!!!! Why doesn’t anyone else!!! Ridiculous!!!!!

  10. 11

    Lamar Adkins

    Always thought if you didn’t have a license you couldn’t even open your front door for business, so the city of Trussville should be going around locking the doors of the business.

  11. 12

    Jeremy Ware

    Massey Willingham the city gives them authority to attempt to make business owners self audit and self incriminate. Then they will fine you for any missed payments along with the payment. It’s scumbaggery at the highest level. Business license are a tax on business owners and the people.

  12. 13

    Jeremy Ware

    Incorrect. Business license is a tax. It protects absolutely no one. It’s not used as insurance or to cover losses of victims. It’s a tax and is absurd especially for traveling contractors. There needs to be country and state license, cities use it to further pad their expense accounts

  13. 14

    Jeremy Ware

    Because lots of people travel for work to multiple towns a day. Lawn services plumbers electricians etc etc. it’s an absurd taxation and hindrance

  14. 15

    Massey Willingham

    Jeremy Ware When they “hired” a firm several years ago they “audited” my business and it cost me about $3k in accounting/legal fees to prove I was up to date on license and city taxes. The auditor commented “We primarily are just looking at your books to see who might be doing business in our city without a license.” I see it as a conflict of interest for an auditing authority to be compensated based on said audit.

  15. 16

    Jeremy Ware

    I agree. Sorry to hear about that. We had a similar situation. They are truly the scum of the earth. All these so called southern conservative that “believe” In free trade and capitalism believe only until they are elected. They don’t understand the burden of small business owners that travel to multiple towns to do business. People have to go where the work is. This company wants to catch you working in other cities as well. They contract with multiple cities creating a giant net and when they audit you they can bust you on as many offenses as possible. It should be illegal. Speaking of illegal lots of the illegal immigrant business owners will just close up shop and be back at it under a new name the next week. Easy to do when your name isn’t on the side of the truck

  16. 17

    Sandra Merchant

    Jeremy Ware, no sir it’s not! It’s part of life! We’ve been in business over thirty years, done jobs all over the southeast and a few up north! Never have we not paid our business license fees!! Some were an absurd amount but we paid them anyway!!! If you’re going to be in any kind of business you follow the laws of the land!!! Period!!! BTW: Our business is commercial plumbing!!! We’ve done several jobs right here in Trussville!!!!

  17. 18

    Jeremy Ware

    Sandra Merchant taxation is theft. Period. You’re virtue signaling. You’re on your moral high horse because you paid the mafias tax to do business in their town. The law is oppressive and is a hinderance to growth.

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