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    Lisa McCarty

    Banks will NEVER call asking for personal info! They already have what they need unless you’re initiating some kind of change to your account.

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    Bev Lawrie-Salak

    My daughter and myself both got a text message from whoever is scamming people and we don’t even bank with Wells Fargo.

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    Debbie Chamblee

    May not be limited to Wells Fargo. We got an email from Regions telling us our debit card had been locked due to suspicious charges and the email had a phone number to call. The number is 1-855-662-8647. They hang up when you start questioning it being a scam

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    Pamela Whittington Shepard

    I don’t give out personal info to anyone on the phone!

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    Linda Hall

    I did get that e-mail and deleted it immediately! These people need to get a real job…..

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