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    Pat Bentley

    So if I’m reading this correctly; if you cook meth and use drugs your get $121,000 bond but if you shoot up a house in Tutwiler Farms that could have killed someone you can beat the police home with a $10,000 bond

  2. 4

    Christina White

    Trussville has dope just like everyone else. Difference is, it’s all hush hush. Too many locals at the hotels there. I can’t tell you how many locals I’ve called the police on and had arrested. Sad thing is, I went to school with 90% of them.

  3. 5

    Pat Bentley

    No one said they didn’t have dope however big difference in shooting up a house and selling dope and the bonds being set according to the severity of the crime

  4. 6

    Christina White

    Because it’s a drug article. Smh. Also, people don’t just shoot up houses for no reason. Probably drug related.

  5. 7

    Pat Bentley

    Christina White actually your wrong the guy bought something from the family through a sell site and changed his mind and wanted to get his money back and got mad

  6. 8

    Pat Bentley

    Your right it is a drug article but all I was doing had you read all I said was comparing the bond amount I can SMH also

  7. 9

    Brenda Hasty

    Look we lost the war on drugs many years ago. Too much money. in it to stop it even the stat is getting in on it with methadone clinics. However I believe there comes a time you have to grow up this man is 43 yrs. old he made his choices in life to be hooked on drugs. There are treatment programs if he really wanted to stop. I do not think it is an illness it is a choice!!!!!!

  8. 12

    Matt Clay

    Many drug crimes carry higher bonds and prison time than manslaughter

  9. 13

    Kevin Wilson

    The house shot up was the same house TPD did a narcotics search warrant on few weeks back

  10. 14

    David Wilkinson

    Many crimes involve drug use

  11. 15

    Matthew Richardson

    It isn’t his first drug arrest either.

  12. 16

    Pat Bentley

    The post was never about there is no drugs in Trussville you would be naive to think that was the case. The post was showing the difference in the bond amounts for the crimes, that’s all it was

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