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    Joshua Anderson

    Related: Trussville elementary schools will now not let your kids view the eclipse, a once in a lifetime experience, because they are afraid you will sue. Only applies to families with two working parents that can’t take their kids out of school.

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    Ashley Eads-Riggs

    It’s because there’s not enough teachers to make sure each kid is not taking their glasses off and looking at the sun. You’ve always got a handful of kids that if you tell them not to do something they are going to do it anyway.
    They are going to teach them what an eclipse is and let them watch it live on tv which is the most sensible thing to do unlike a lot of schools that are closing which is ridiculous.

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    Sara Anderson

    “live on tv” Really? I’ve witnessed several total eclipses. It’s about the light around you changing, the trill and quieting of birdlife, the odd chill to the air as the sunlight drops like no normal twilight or cloud cover,the crescents forming in the dappled shadows under trees, creating pinhole cameras with your hands to project the sun upon the earth.Nothing I’ve seen on tv recreates that in the least.

    “Don’t look directly at the sun, you’ll go blind” certainly has worked for generations who have never experienced an eclipse. Why not try that now, and afford Alabama kids this, rather than quail in ignorance?

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    Ashley Eads-Riggs

    We don’t live in that generation anymore. Sorry. Society today can’t handle it. No one has any common sense. Hate to break it to you.
    If you want your kids to experience it live keep them home and have at it.
    I agree with you by the way but the world we live in today has ruined such moments due to ignorance and the schools can’t fight that beast.

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    Hannah Johnson

    I’m glad my 5 year old’s teacher isn’t taking her outside for it. It’s not worth the risk to her vision. I might take her out but I haven’t decided yet because she’s 5 and probably wouldn’t really remember it. Joshua you are on every post I’ve seen complaining about this. Would you like me to keep your kids that day and send them outside to watch it?

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    Zygi Hudson

    What’s this guy got to do with the sun and moon?

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