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    Tombstone Ted

    So let me ask. When they wipe out all evidence of history, how will they be able to support “what happened?” There will be no evidence of any of it? If anything, they should want to raise more statues and point at them and say, “See son, this guy …. blah, blah, blah.” Evolution has no missing link, nothing to support it so, I don’t believe it. I see no real evidence of Atlantis… so I don’t believe in it… see my point? This is not about racism… its about making America a socialist country. Erase all the founding fathers (due to racism) and we will move into socialism.

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    Nick Smith

    Books, the internet and talking are still an option right?

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    Gail Smith Wright

    If he actually did experiment on slaves, with or without anesthesia he absolutely does not deserve to be revered in any way. I might be willing to help the, take the monument down.

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