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  1. 1

    Kevin Small

    Mayor Tom can try to woo Amazon with his stop sign cameras and high crime rate. What a joke.

  2. 3

    Diana Katrina Ingram

    Center point has a mayor? Who knew ‍♀️

  3. 4

    Dave Williams

    If only they don’t hear of all the crime we have here now!

  4. 5

    Steve Woods

    They don’t meet the requirements Amazon has set. William Bell is just desperate to win. Why would you even print this unless you are unimformed?

  5. 6

    James S Vining

    Together Tom and Willie will band together and raise taxes to pay for the requirements to bring Amazon here…
    Pay up residents, PAY UP!!!

  6. 7

    Kevin Small

    Heck, Tom has stashed away a bunch on the camera scam.

  7. 8

    Annette Stansell

    Mayor Tom can’t get Barlow, council president to move his accounting business from Roebuck in the city of Bham to one of the empty bldgs in Center Point.

  8. 9

    Delane HoneyCutt Parker

    Birmingham is not even being considered.

  9. 10

    John Talley

    To be fair, they may be looking for an area with 6.5 title loan places per square mile

  10. 11

    Kenny Denham

    Actually the city meets the basic requirements

  11. 12

    Ken Armstrong

    It’s not about being considered. It’s about spending money with pr firms, law firms and local charities to promote the idea. It’s how money gets funneled out to ‘friends’.

  12. 13

    Daniel Ingram

    Yeah… bring it to centerpoint…. just…. watch out for the muggers, killers, and general trouble makers on every corner (and walking in the middle of the streets).

  13. 14

    Delane HoneyCutt Parker

    Ken Armstrong , amen. Corrupt to the core.

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