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    Mike Caldwell

    He has a history ya know

  2. 3

    Mike Caldwell

    Seems the whole department has some serious housekeeping issues. I’m a Bama fan but I hate to see them go down.

  3. 4

    Scott Buttram

    I have a lot of friends who are Auburn fans and they’re fed up with all of this. I can’t figure out why the president is letting Jacobs hang around until June. He’s completely lost control of the athletic department.

  4. 6

    James D. Dunn

    Scott Buttram Jacobs should have been gone long ago.

  5. 7

    Scott Buttram

    Zack Steele , time for Rob to go on the record with the Tribune?

  6. 8

    Ian Maddox

    Zack Steele this is the greatest meme ever! Ok, maybe not ever but it’s pretty good!

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