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    Mike Jay

    Wow…the outskirts are getting interesting

  2. 2

    Matt Coleman

    We keep going at this rate we won’t have any men left to work .ladies sexual harassment goes no further than you let it ,and that is a fact .

  3. 3

    Tere Vermillion Sizemore

    Coming from someone who has been sexual harassed by MANY men, I totally agree. You can shut it down immediately.

  4. 5

    Deborah Eason

    So many women let the “little things” go. This is a form of encouragement. Ladies, don’t listen to their off color jokes, don’t laugh when they casually come up and put an arm around you. This makes it looks as if you’re in the mood for more. I worked in the work force for over 35 years. Never had this issue. I let it be known it wasn’t going to happen. That just say no thing actually works.

  5. 6

    Shana Roberts- Hughes

    It can stop with a swift kick to the jingle berries…

  6. 7

    Scott White

    Glad she didn’t wait 40 years. And has evidence.

  7. 8

    Daniel Ingram

    Personally, I know better than to make an advance on a coworker. But then again, I think with the head that’s on my shoulders, and most men are complete morons stuck in high school til they are 50 and never reach that level of intelligence. It’s a job, not a dating service.

  8. 9

    Melissa Thompson

    So many people giving advice to women in the comments. Interesting. I’d like to take the opportunity to give some advice to men (and women): How about you maintain a professional relationship with coworkers and NOT sexually harass people? There…that was easy. Problem solved.

  9. 10

    Carla Reid Emmons

    You can’t always shut it down. She may have needed her job. Let’s wait and see what all happened before we decide who to believe.

  10. 13

    Annette Stansell

    I disagree. Perhaps if you are married & he’s supporting the household or your parents extend help you are more comfortable taking a stand plus times are changing. Divorced women with children has a house, car, w/d payments & daycare & after school cost more than the $15 per week child support. In my younger working days you can be assured If women complained they would be unemployed. Sexual abuse & rape happens too often & never reported. One of my rapist was a law enforcement office well known in the state, a Mason, a Shriner & a Baptist churchgoer. The Sheriff, the Governor & most Judges were/are Masons also. There was no one to turn to for help to seek Justices. W/O a doubt a handful will be accussed that may not be guilty but it fails in comparison to the millions of women that were forced to tolerate & endure sexual miscondult, harrassment, not receiving deserved wage increases, promotion, equal pay bc they did not submit to men at the workplace. For each woman that steps up today a thousand will remained quiet.

  11. 14

    Sharon Seibers Keane

    You are so right Annette. Women have been taught that these things are just part of life, especially work life.

  12. 16

    Beth Taylor Gore

    Really? You know this for a fact? I doubt it.

  13. 17

    Annette Stansell

    The problem has existed for decades & will require much more than what we wear or what we say.. Boys needs to be taught & It starts at home.

  14. 18

    Philip Sharpe

    Men ABSOLUTELY need to and should know how to conduct themselves, 100%. Ridiculous that some don’t and or can’t. But this in know way is going help women in the work place, only make folks think again about employing them. That’s the sad truth.

  15. 19

    Lori Martin Glover

    That is assuming that the one hiring is a male. Every job I have had, I was interviewed and hired by a woman. I guess these days it really doesn’t even matter because you can be sexually harassed by your boss regardless of gender.

  16. 20

    Philip Sharpe

    I’d bet “some” women bosses would also think they same way. Not that either is right or fair and not that it’d be a totally conscious decision.
    Even if it’s only men bosses doing it, it’s still going to affect women’s employment.

  17. 21

    Lori Martin Glover

    Philip Sharpe True. Sad, but true.

  18. 22

    Annette Stansell

    Philip, there may be a price to pay but the price will be less than what we’ve tolerated & endured for decades. The most important message is sexual assaults/harrassment & misconduct is unwanted, not appreciated & needs to stop. There are discrimination laws for bosses that choose not to hire women instead of correcting his behavior. I wish this had happened years ago.

  19. 23

    David Garrard

    Wow. Way to dismiss the seriousness of sexual harassment. This isn’t 1950

  20. 24

    Philip Sharpe

    Its a catch 22 for women. And no, discriminatory bosses in the hiring process will not be caught or punished. Claiming that, again, will only make it harder for women to find work.

  21. 25

    Joey Cobb

    Knowing Dr. Steele personally, I wouldn’t believe he would do this but, it could happen, or it could be someone who got fired for something and what better way to get back at him than allegations. If she has facts hey, more power to her and glad to see she didn’t wait forever.

  22. 27

    Chip Gardner

    Before you know it there will be no more men in this world

  23. 29

    Gene Startley

    At Best sounds like she’s jealous she wasn’t the chosen one. Sue this woman to set an example!!!!!!

  24. 30
  25. 31

    Matt Coleman

    I didn’t dismiss anything .just stating the fact between all the real cases ,and fake lies there won’t be many men left to work .

  26. 32

    Matt Coleman

    I think many of y’all are confusing sexual harassment with sexual abuse .and yes if it’s important enough you can stop it .nobody is forcing y’all to work for people like that .not all hits on woman are sexual harassment it’s only sexual harassment if it’s unwanted lol .men have hit on woman since the beginning of time ,and will till the end .no sexual case should become public until it’s investigated ,and proved.do y’all really think it’s right for a man to lose everything from being lied on ,and not even being true ? Well it’s happing everyday now woman are being paid to lie on men to get them fired,or just being deceitful because things didn’t go their way .show me some proof ,or shut up its getting old on the baseless non proven allegation ,and is falling on deaf ears more and more everyday the corruption is coming out .

  27. 33

    Annabelle Keane

    Funny that you can have such a strong opinion when you were never employed there

  28. 34

    Sharon Seibers Keane

    Wow, Gene…your statement makes it seem you are part of the problem.

  29. 36

    Annette Stansell

    Philip, I have a few comments that needs to be made. 1) It appears from your comments you think women should continue to put up with a man’s outrageous disrespectful behavior & remain silent as we’ve done for decades. 2) Have you & other men lost a job, been denied a raise/promotion due to your gender or due to not submitting to sexual misconduct? 3) Have you ever made an appt with an atty that seats you with your back to the door & he walks up with his penis displayed? 4) Have you & other men been sexual assaulted, raped or sodomized? 5) At this time it’s women in Hollywood, Sports, Politicians, etc but it’s past time for women everywhere to speak out bc the majority of sexual abuse happens locally to working women. It’s past time for men to keep their hands to themselves & their penis in their pants. Comments like yours is a continuation of men putting fear in women to keep our mouths shut or we’ll pay the consequences by not being hired. As a woman & havin experience with complying to EEOC rules & as a victim I believe I’m qualified to speak for most women that have experienced discrimination or any type of sexual abuse at the work place. No, women should not continue to remain silent.

  30. 37

    Matthew Norman

    Everyone deserves their day in court. Possible victim and possible defendant alike. Amazing how many people in this day and age completely disregard that.

  31. 38

    Lisa J. Markham

    Well said Matthew. Rush to judgement is fashionable.

  32. 39

    Josh Burgans

    How dare you be skeptical. Women never lie about anything.

  33. 40

    Philip Sharpe

    “Men ABSOLUTELY need to and should know how to conduct themselves, 100%. Ridiculous that some don’t and or can’t.”

    Annette above is my comment. So you’re either being dishonest or lack reading comprehension. Not ONE word of that statement backs up your claim. All I’m doing is pointing out an obvious truth. It’s not fair but it is a fact.

  34. 41

    Shirley Cardwell

    Matt you are closer to the truth than folks might like to admit.

  35. 42

    Annette Stansell

    This is what I comprehended & responded to which you implied women shouldn’t step up & speak out or we would not be employed & a women filing a discrimination lawsuit would make it harder for women. Comments like that implies women should shut up, accept abuse as usual. Copied; “this in know way is going help women in the work place, only make folks think again about employing them. That’s the sad truth”.”And no, discriminatory bosses in the hiring process will not be caught or punished. Claiming that, again, will only make it harder for women to find work”. This is stupid advice for women struggling to make an honest living. We file discrimination lawsuits because of the male attitude toward women. I’m not going to cave in to you but out of respect for this group administrator I will no longer discuss such an important subject with a man that has never been discriminated against, sexually assaulted or raped.

  36. 43

    Jeff McDaniel

    For what? Do we not live in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty? That’s the problem with society. These are becoming modern day witch hunts. If she has a credible case, then it will be proven in court. I choose to wait until then. Dr. Steele is a fine man and an outstanding member to that community, it would be a shame to jump the gun.

  37. 44

    Gene Startley

    Yes Sharon and if you automatically confirm you’re the problem. All women are NOT victims. Seems lately their butt hurt feelings and I hate Trump and everyone who doesn’t treat me special must be a perverted man.

  38. 45

    Annabelle Keane

    Both you boys are making as ass of yourself.

  39. 46

    Sharon Seibers Keane

    WTH is wrong with you? You look like you are a grown man but…

  40. 47

    Tommy Dodson

    I was attacked by two older girls in high school and didn’t care

  41. 48

    Sam Stewart

    No one should be automatically considered either innocent or guilty, or truthful or dishonest, based on their gender, race, political party or any other descriptive factor. Wait on the facts to come out before you make up your mind about anything.

  42. 49

    Robert McCary

    This that the same 2 girls you followed for 2 years.

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