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Iron Mountain Construction’s wide range of services creates opportunity for great partnerships

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By Tommi O. Peters

Owner Jeremy Purvis offers personal experience and flexibility with each opportunity presented to Iron Mountain Construction.

“The only thing I’m not flexible on is quality. Every one of the workers we hire is skilled labor through union halls. That way, we get things done right the first time.” He clarified by adding, “Most of the time, that is. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes.”

Certified pipefitters, welders, plumbers and HVAC specialists are all part of the Iron Mountain Construction team, along with carpenters, ironworkers and millwrights. Services offered include civil foundations, structural and miscellaneous steel, mechanical, specialty welding, overhead cranes, rigging and heavy lifts. Support services such as scaffolding, insulation, painting and coatings, and sheeting for siding and roofing are also available.

Purvis noted that while efforts are made to create the best value for their clients, value is more than just a price tag.

“We’re often called in to repair work that was done by less-skilled laborers. Our goal is to never have that happen for our work,” he explained.

The range of skills and services offered through Iron Mountain Construction has allowed the company to develop great partnerships with other companies, as well.

Purvis explained, “An electrical company may be bidding for a job that also requires mechanical work. We’re able to work with them on the mechanical portion so they can bid on the full project.”

Purvis himself grew up learning the value of safety and quality training with family in industrial and commercial trade. Eager to put that knowledge to use, he began working and training in the trade immediately upon graduation from high school, joining Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union #91.

At that time, Purvis met Iron Mountain Construction’s initial owner, Jerry Peters. The men continued to collaborate through the years, with Purvis eventually joining Iron Mountain Construction as Partner in 2014.  When Peters passed away in January 2017, Purvis and his wife Brittany moved into the role of Owners of Iron Mountain Construction. Purvis considered Peters one of his best friends and is continuing the commitment to quality that he learned before his mentor’s passing.

The commitment to skilled labor is being passed to yet another generation of the family as Purvis’ 20-year-old son Chandler continues the family tradition with a 5-year training program for certifications in the trade. Purvis has no intention of giving his son a free pass.

“He needs to get his hands dirty and learn the trade. He’ll earn respect through his own experience.”

Purvis’ roots in the community are just as strong as they are in the trade. He grew up in Clay, attended high school at Hewitt before graduating from Pinson, and currently resides in Margaret.

“It’s great to see so many local graduates as successful business-owners in the community, doing good for the community, and pouring back into it.” He added, “I’ve been here all my life; I never left and don’t have any plans to.”

To learn more about Iron Mountain Construction, contact Owner Jeremy Purvis at (205) 781-1170 or

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