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Author with Trussville ties writes children’s book

By Shaun Szkolnik

For The Tribune

TRUSSVILLE — A local author with Trussville ties has written a heartwarming and uplifting book that teaches the value of love, forgiveness, and offers some important advice on how to handle bullies.

“The book is about a puppy named Poppy, who looks a little different,” said author Tara Seahorn.  “She encounters some bullies, but finds that she is beautiful and all that she needs to be through Jesus — yes, I know that may not be politically correct.  She even attempts to introduce Jesus to her bullies.”

Seahorn is a mother of two sons and has two grandchildren.  She grew up in Pinson and graduated from Pinson Valley High School.  She has lived in both Trussville and Clay since the early 90s.

The idea for Seahorn’s book, “Hold Me, Mold Me, Bold Me,” came to her after hearing about so many of the tragedies facing children that have been bullied.

“My idea came from watching and hearing different news stories regarding our children hurting or even killing themselves because of the pain and heartache they are enduring,” Seahorn said.  “Nine and 10-year-old children killing themselves is not acceptable.”

Seahorn took those stories of tragedy and decided to make something positive out of it.

“This book is for any child being bullied and for those who bully,” Seahorn said. “I pray that all will be impacted and that it will make a difference for both.  I hope those being bullied will find their worth and those bullying will realize the pain they cause and make a change.  I hope it will also encourage parents, teachers and others to take notice and step in to prevent these tragedies.”

“Hold Me, Mold Me, Bold Me” is Searhorn’s first book, but she already has designs for two more.

“I have two books that I am planning,”  she said. “One is another ‘Poppy the Puppy’ story and the other is about a little sheep.  The idea for the second one came after doing a study on the 23rd Psalm.”

“Hold Me, Mold Me, Bold Me” is available online at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and can be purchased as either a hardback book or a Kindle e-book.

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